Monday, March 5, 2018

Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition 2.5 Update Beta Improvements & Google Play Release

UPDATE: We're rolling out an early version of the 2.5 update to Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition on Google Play due to crashing issues on that platform with v1.4. Android players will see v2.5.13.2 made available over the next few days. Other platforms will be updated when the full 2.5 update is ready.

The 2.5 update beta for Icewind Dale: Enhanced continues with a new update! The following features and fixes will be rolling out to Steam and Beamdog today. An update to the beta on Google Play will follow in the near future.

Find out how to access the 2.5 update beta here.


[Steam] New achievement art added
[V/O] Italian V/O added
[Achievement] Implement 005 Godlike (30412)
All language names should be displayed alphabetically in English (12397)

Bug Fixes

Familiar and familiarsummoner objects should function correctly in scripts (34387)
Multiple reasons why story mode causes lag (34385)
Text at the top of the Language menu should not display "Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition" for French and Turkish (32462)
The area list in the debug console should work in HoW (34730)
Shamans should not get a biography entry meant for a druid (34724)
Turning off Story Mode should not give the Godlike achievement (34693)
Flaming Oil should not display its quantity twice when in the Quick Item bar (34292)
Abductees in Dragon's Eye level 1 should leave after Lizard King has been slain and the little girl has talked to you (34291)
Spirit Fire spell should work (34249)
Explosion effect should be triggered only once when entering Umber Hulk traps in Artisan's District (34247)
Boar Spirit summoned by Shamanic Dance should not use Myconid creature animation (34245)
Area map should not be fixed zoomed in after leaving Therik peacefully (34163)
(item) Wands should be assigned mschools and msectypes (34114)
Shadowdancers should not get incorrect number of starting skill points in HoW (33843)
[Import Character UI] Imported Rangers should not be able to skip "Racial Enemy" selection (33647)
Trap spells should go off instantly when they are approached (33598)
[Shaman] The UI should not behave as if you can memorize Shaman spells (33375)
Descriptions for Abilities should not be missing (33030)
Weapon Enchantment vs. creature type should work as per SoD (32959)
[Multiplayer] Chat messages should not be displayed twice in the activity log (32743)
[UI] Items should show their saving throw bonuses (32354)
(Spell) Caster of Spell Immunity should be able to pick spell school even while game is paused (32250)
Shaman's Dance button shouldn't look like a shield (32108)
The Summoner's Staff +3 should show abilities when paused (31952)
It should be possible to close the merchant trading screen using ESC hotkey (34367)
Ice Troll movement should not be too slow (34322)
(item) Wand of the Heavens should act as a level 5 spell (34113)
Subtitles on movies should not display when toggled off (34082)
[iOS] Color Choices interface should show all four sliders (32184)
Sphere of Chaos should play the proper visual effect when disintegrating the target (11893)
Starting party should not be missing their equipment and experience when beginning a new Heart of Winter campaign (32113)
Traps should not stop displaying after rogue detects them (32437)
Name and class for unrelated character should not be shown during skill selection at HoW character generation (33365)
[Android] Odd Small Girl should change into Yxunomei (34342)
Manually assigned scrolling keys should not stop working after a while (34397)
Character record should not show the levels of bonus priest spells in English for non-English languages (34523)
Nahal's Reckless Dweomer should not work with sequencers (34639)
Shield of Lathander should not provide benefits to evil creatures (34709)
Pushing Esc Key after casting spell Sequencer/Spell Trigger/Chain Contingency should return control to the game (35329)
[Multiplayer] SetWorldmap() should work for clients. (10409)
[iOS] The title should display its version number in the designated area of the main menus (32898)
[iOS] The build version number should always show and be consistently centered in the main menu (32451)
[Journal] Chapter 1 - Kresselack's Kill Priestess Quest Should Trigger Journal Update Notification (32332)
[Journal] Chapter 1 - Conversation with Arundel Should Trigger Journal Update Notification (32233)
[iOS] The name of an imported character should not be partially selected in Character Generation (32755)
[iOS] [Sound] Tapping outside the settings menu window while in game should not produce selection sound effects (32026)

Infinity Engine improvements

[iOS] [Multiplayer] Title should not crash on iPad 2 after 2 hours of continuous gameplay (31390)
The bmp renderer should not have a heavy memory leak (34868)
Scripts should be cached after load (34020)
Direct Connection' should not attempt to connect to a game session when an invalid IP is entered (33882)
Upgrade zlib to 1.2.11 (latest) (30061)
Add splprot type for current hp (34867)
[Multiplayer] Unaffordable items shouldn't remain greyed out if you sell enough items to purchase them (34105)
[Port from PSTEE] Actions responsible for setting zoom level (34074)
[Port from PSTEE] Actions that would make adjusting cutscenes to work with different framerates easier (34073)
[Port from PSTEE] Increasing global variable only once (34072)
[Port from PSTEE] Setting and checking BITs (34071)
[Port from PSTEE] Implement LUA GUI command that can be used to check in-game variable (34070)
[Character Creation UI] Shaman class should be sorted with the rest of the single class options (33753)
The Sleep portrait icon should work when caused by weapons (33646)
Items which stun should provide full feedback (33604)
[iOS] Import suffixes such as BG2CHARACTER should be case-insensitive (33128)
[Multiplayer] Area should not appear with the debug name in the character arbitration screen (31368)
Table "mageBookStrings" should be editable through a M_*.lua file (31244)
Ctrl-M should display the target's Luck value (31239)
Screenshots should be taken in the PNG format (31237)
Wand of Lightning should allow save for half damage (30165)
Add "Take All" button to containers (29868)
Protection from Evil should not result in a blank fighting style proficiency (24405)
Levels of bonus priest spells in the character record should not be missing (24261)
It should be possible to disable tooltips (24170)
Tooltip for the quick loot button should not be missing (24137)
Character record page should not show both "Strength Modification" and "Strength Extra Modification" (23634)
(UI Strings) Play button in the Customize Sound panel should use the right string (23387)
Dying in Black Pits should return to the Black Pits menu (21202)
[Multiplayer] Pressing Enter on the gameplay screen should activate the chat window (4079)
Ranger's Charm Animal ability should use the appropriate icon (34086)
Screenshot function should work in Save Screen (34085)
Story Mode should prevent the death of familiars (33620)
Sounds for Miscast Magic should have the same saves as the rest of the spell (33471)
Empty quickspell slots should not show I as their hotkey (31247)
[Multiplayer] Client characters should not benefit twice when items are removed and re-equipped (21071)
[Multiplayer] Importing a character should import its statistics when the Import Character Rules option is set to "Statistics" (23904)
Log history button should state what it does when the cursor is put over it (24136)
Half-Elves or Elves using charm protection should not be charmed (25353)
Animation INI middle-column sounds should be played (30176)
Assigned keys should function at once (33645)
Stealth button of thieves and rangers should not remain active after picking up items via quickloot bar (34276)
[Multiplayer] Host should not appear to be able to adjust spells for characters they do not control (34330)
Direct Connection should not produce error messages in command prompt (34401)
[Multiplayer] [Tablet] On screen keyboard should not appear at character arbitration unless the multiplayer chat window is selected by the player (34521)
Characters under Berserk should not lose real HPs if they rest/travel while Berserkering (34610)
[Multiplayer] Clients should be able to re-equip items such as the ring of wizardry after they remove them (34618)
(spell) [BG:EE] Sunfire should function; [BG:EE/BG2:EE] spell should be standardized throughout all IE games (35296)
Items using icons in BAM V2 format should not be cropped to fit into inventory or toolbar slots (24789)
Double clicking where 'Quick Loot' arrow normally is should not move camera to the NW corner of the map (22887)


  1. Still no Czech for BG:EE, seems like it never comes out :(

    1. They really should add it, so fans can "Czech" it off their "to-do-lists"! :p Seriously though, I do hope they add Czech language support!

    2. Even Icewind Dale doesn't have full czech localization although it's declared on steam page, there are still texts in english. Beamdog is just amateur and dilettante company.

  2. Great! When should we expect this on Android?

  3. Hey, where is Polish for bg2:ee ?

  4. Found a bug in Artisan district. Number hulls behind the doors that lead to pale justice won't trigger

  5. Is the game icewind dale still compatible with android 4.4.4 cause im getting a device not compatible with this version ,eventho i had it installed on android 4.4.4 and have played it on 4.4.4 seems like since the update its not workin any morr