Friday, March 3, 2017

Siege of Dragonspear Romance Tips

To whom will you gift a flower?
The Feast of Saint Valentine has come and gone, but doesn't mean you can't enjoy a good romance, either in real life or in a videogame. Siege of Dragonspear offers eight romance partners, each of them boasting unique traits and peculiarities.

Check out this guide for tips on how to win the heart of your dearest Siege of Dragonspear companion.

During your travels together, you'll learn about Corwin's past relationships.
1. Schael Corwin

You can romance Schael Corwin regardless of your character's gender and race. 

Schael is a member of the Flaming Fist, and her profession heavily influences her personality. Wherever you go, expect Schael to accompany and protect you from danger. She grew up in the city, so setting out to adventure in the wilds will be a new experience for her.

Romance tip: Schael prefers actions to words. One day, she will question your lineage and connection to Sarevok, and in order to earn her trust, you'll have to demonstrate your own merit.

Discover Dorn's dark inner world.
2. Dorn Il-Khan

Characters of any race and gender can romance Dorn Il-Khan.

Dorn is a blackguard bound to his patron's will.  To impress this half-orc, speak to him about power and ways to seize it. Never forget that Dorn is a warrior, not a strategist, and he will admire your ability to think quickly in times of danger.

Romance tip: You may lead others to believe there's goodness within you while you romance this blackgaurd. Dorn recognizes, more than anything, that having the trust of another is a valuable thing. They never see what's coming until it's too late.

A handsome fellow to travel by your side.
3. Glint Gardnersonson

Only male characters can romance the amazing vanishing gnome, Glint Gardnersonson.

This gnome loves adventuring, breathing fresh air, and meeting new people. But more than anything, he loves getting  into and then out of trouble. Encourage his mad schemes, make him your right-hand gnome, and he will love you even more than adventuring.

Romance tip: Glint has a very large family. To get his favor, you'll need to help him track down his relatives and make sure everyone are safe. 

Get wild with Neera.
4. Neera

If your character is male, and doesn't mind the occasional wild surge, you can romance Neera.

"Stand back, and watch this!" Neera is not the type of person for whom anything in life is straightforward. In difficult circumstances always try to support and cheer her up. Gift her a few minutes where she doesn't have to worry about being killed, and she'll appreciate it.

Romance tip: Most of all, make Neera believe that you'll be by her side to support her even when magic gets wild, and she'll be yours forever.

Take a walk with Rasaad in the moonlight. Beware of Dark Moon monks, though.
5. Rasaad yn Bashir

Only women can romance Rasaad yn Bashir.

Adventuring in Siege of Dragonspear may lead to danger, but Rasaad enjoys travelling beside you. Battle is where you and Rasaad will bond. As he watches you  fight, he will feel as though  he belongs by your side. 

Romance tip: Speak with Rasaad when he hesitates to make a decision. Your help will make him feel clearer, more focused. Honest talk will lay down the foundations of your relationship.

Between two evils, choose the one you haven't tried.
6. Safana

If your character is male, you can romance Safana.

If there's anything you can be sure about, it's that no matter what life throws at Safana, she'll come out the victor. Safana is a beautiful woman, and you'll have to impress her if you want to win her heart. Compliment her with grace and authenticity. Instead of comparing Safana with the most beautiful flowers, mention that she's a true survivor.

Romance tip: At a moment of the greatest danger, promise Safana you will make it out alive together.

Never show weakness to the drow.
7. Viconia DeVir

Only male human, half-elf, halfling and half-orc characters can romance Viconia DeVir.

Once again, in Siege of Dragonspear, Viconia's fate intertwines with yours. You will meet many Flaming Fist officers as you travel, and they will bring back unpleasant memories to Viconia. Be ready to respect her will.

Romance tip: Always remember that Viconia doesn't blindly follow in your footsteps. She is used to holding on to her life with both hands.

A fine group and a fine beer. Now this skald seeks a fine woman.
8. Voghiln the Mighty

Voghiln the Mighty will romance women from any race.

The best way to get to know Voghiln is to accept his offer of a drink. The skald will spend the evening telling you tales of the North next to the firelight.

Romance tip: Give Voghiln a chance to pay you compliments, or, better, share a flask with him and together you will carry on even through the darkest hour.

Remember, if you have more than one romance partner in the group, a moment will come when you will have to choose to whom your heart belongs.

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  1. Doesn't really tell us anything about the mechanics, flow or restrictions of romance, though. That's annoying.

  2. I wanted to romance glint :( ugh, why do all the good ones have to be gay... Even in games...

  3. I wanted to romance glint. Ugh, why do the good ones always have to be gay :( not even bi, just gay, so lame.