Tuesday, December 5, 2017

The 2.5 Update Beta Is Here!

Great news, Infinity Engine fans!

Owners of Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition, Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition, and Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition on Steam, Beamdog, and Google Play now have beta access to the upcoming 2.5 update.

The 2.5 update is focused primarily on multiplayer improvements, restoring cross-compatible play, and resolving any critical errors. Oh, and we’ve added the Shaman class to Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition!

This update isn’t complete just yet, which is why we’re seeking your feedback on the work that we’ve done so far. Grab the beta, check into the Beamdog Forums, test it until your eyes burst, and then let us know what you think! About the game, not about your extreme and sudden eye pain.

The 2.5 update beta will run from December 5th, 2017 to January 8th, 2018, with the possibility of an extension, as we gather data and feedback from beta participants. If you help us out with the beta you’ll receive a special Beamdog Forum badge that you can use to lord over your friends, family, and rivals.

After the holidays we’ll review your feedback, finish the fixes, and make the 2.5 Update available on Beamdog, Steam, GoG, the Mac App Store, Google Play, and the iOS App Store. Every platform will get this update! Can your toaster run Linux? Did you install Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition on it? It will get this update!

The release version of the 2.5 Update will include the correct German VO for Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition from the original Baldur’s Gate II, but it won’t be included in the beta. Patch notes for each game will accompany the full release of the 2.5 Update.

Worried about a fix or feature that didn’t make it into 2.5? Worry not! We’ve been listening to and recording your feedback this whole time, and we have some exciting plans for more Infinity Engine updates to come. Stay tuned!

Wondering about Baldur’s Gate: Siege of Dragonspear on mobile? We’ll have some great news to share on that front soon*!

*For real this time!

How to access the 2.5 update beta

To access the 2.5 update beta first, right-click on the game you'd like to try the beta in and select Properties.

Go to the Betas tab, and choose the bg1_beta, bg2_beta, or iwd_beta option. The beta will then begin downloading.

To access betas through the Beamdog Client, please go to the following store pages for a free download.

Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition

Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition

Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition

Afterwards, the 2.5 update beta should be available under this dropdown menu in the Beamdog Client.

Google Play
To join the open beta for Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition on Android, click or tap here while logged into your Google Play account:

To join the open beta for Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition on Android, click or tap here while logged into your Google Play account:

To join the open beta for Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition on Android, click or tap here while logged into your Google Play account:

Infinity Engine 2.5 Beta Patch Notes


  • (IWD:EE) - Pressing the ESC key when selecting a character to use in a new game should not result in a black screen - 32889
  • (IWD:EE) - The game should not crash if ESC is hit while it is finding network interfaces - 12063
  • (IWD:EE) - Quick save should work - 31905
  • (BGII:EE) - Game should not crash when loading a save - 24805
  • (BGII:EE) - Changing Wilson's colour should not crash the game - 31090
  • (BGII:EE) - Throne of Bhaal: Opening cutscene should not freeze the game - 23579


  • (IWD:EE) - Add Shaman to IWD - 30820
  • (IWD:EE) - Add Steam Achievements to IWD:EE
  • (IWD:EE) - Paladins and Rangers should be able to become Fallen - 33112
  • (IWD:EE) - Game should not freeze when approaching the entrance to level 3 of Dragon's Eye - 32578
  • (IWD:EE) - Journal: Update notifications should not be missing when journal is updated for quests - 32360
  • (IWD:EE) - Journal: Journal quest for Dragon's Eye should carry forward to Chapter 2 - 32390
  • (IWD:EE) - Journal: Chapter 3 should not start with a blank journal - 32418
  • (IWD:EE) - Journal: Chapter 4 should not start with a blank journal - 32422
  • (IWD:EE) - Journal: Chapter 5 should not start with a blank journal - 32459
  • (IWD:EE) - Journal: Chapter 6 should not start with a blank journal - 32510
  • (IWD:EE) - Journal: Information about Lethias's Past Should not show up Twice in Journal - 32419
  • (IWD:EE) - Journal: Yxunomei's conversation should appear in Journal - 32396
  • (IWD:EE) - Sorcerers should not be able to erase spells from their Mage Spellbook - 32473
  • (IWD:EE) - Failing to pickpocket NPCs should result in appropriate behaviour - 32353
  • (IWD:EE) - Heart of Fury mode should not deactivate when starting a new game - 32308
  • (IWD:EE) - Ranger characters created in HoW should be able to select a racial enemy - 32302
  • (IWD:EE) - Moving a familiar over a floor trap should not disarm it - 11822
  • (BGII:EE) - Succubus should not be able to kill characters in 'Story Mode' - 31859
  • (BGII:EE) - Hexxat trying to interact with Dragomir's tomb should not block progression - 31791
  • (BGII:EE) - Hostile allies should not be invincible in story mode - 31768
  • (BGII:EE) - Orc archers should attack in The Black Pits - 31587
  • (BGII:EE) - Gain Slayer form dream should not stall when Imoen is killed - 31446
  • (BGII:EE) - Story Mode should apply to NPCs even with Party AI off - 31423
  • (BGII:EE) - Keldorn should not try to talk to charname regarding his wife if this questline is already finished - 27093
  • (BGII:EE) - Importing characters of over 2,950,000 XP should not cause XP to reduce to 2,950,000 - 22611
  • (BGII:EE) - It should be possible for a level 12+ cleric dualled to mage to reach mage level 12 - 22277
  • (BG:EE) - Scar should appear outside the FF Barracks even if you don't speak to him on the bridge - 31667
  • (BG:EE) - Story Mode should apply to NPCs even with Party AI off - 31422
  • (BG:EE) - Colquetle's Family Amulet should not be missing after leaving area for a while - 31323

User Interface

  • (IWD:EE) - Character arbitration should not report Heart of Fury difficulty as Legacy of Bhaal - 32513
  • (IWD:EE) - Story mode should not be enabled in multiplayer if it is disabled in the options - 32447
  • (IWD:EE) - Stepping on puzzle pieces should consistently disarm traps - 32442
  • (IWD:EE) - The option No Difficulty-Based XP bonus should have a valid description - 32307
  • (IWD:EE) - Spell should not be erased if pressing ESC when viewing the mage book - 32139
  • (IWD:EE) - Area list in console should show IWD areas instead of SoD areas - 31922
  • (BG:EE) - End game transition to Siege should be disabled if player does not own Siege - 30816


  • (IWD:EE) - New multiplayer games should start on the selected difficulty level - 32303
  • (BG:EE) - Double clicking to load a save should not disable selection actions in the Character Arbitration screen - 24852

Text & Voice Over

  • (IWD:EE) - Mages should not have invalid strings listed in their Character Record page - 32458
  • (IWD:EE) - Listed Area of Effect for items and spells should be correct - 32040
  • (IWD:EE) - Thorn Spray should have a consistent description - 32840
  • (IWD:EE) - Cloud of Pestilence should have a consistent description - 32839
  • (IWD:EE) - Protection from Evil, 10' Radius should have a consistent description - 32837
  • (BGII:EE) - Poisoned Throwing Dagger description should not mention saving throw penalty - 25521
  • (BG:EE) - German: First dream narration should not repeat the last line at the beginning of the narration - 8708
  • (BG:EE) - Bala's Axe Dispel Magic properties should be listed correctly - 33063
  • (BG:EE) - Asp's Nest +1 poison ability description should include the saving throw - 31741
  • (BG:EE) - Wand of Cloudkill description should state the correct saving throw type and penalty - 27273
  • (BG:EE) - The Kneecapper +1 description should not state incorrect speed factor - 25534

iOS & Android

  • (BG:EE, BGII:EE, IWD:EE) - Android: Back button allows player to skip cutscenes
  • (IWD:EE) - Multiplayer: The character portrait UI should not overlap the screen if a new client joins a session - 32509
  • (IWD:EE) - Multiplayer: The title should not crash when rapidly pressing the Multiplayer button and the Back button - 32508
  • (IWD:EE) - Multiplayer: UI should persist when a player joins a room while the host is writing a spell - 32632
  • (IWD:EE) - Multiplayer: The title should not be stuck on a black screen when creating a new multiplayer session without being connected to a network - 32629
  • (IWD:EE) - Client devices should be able to properly interact with inventory containers - 32558
  • (IWD:EE) - Text field for filename in Export Character should be responsive - 32511
  • (IWD:EE) - Multiplayer: Story Mode buff and certain AI scripts should not toggle on and off repeatedly - 32499
  • (IWD:EE) - Map will scroll on it's own after the cutscene in which the party finds Hjolider in Wylfdene's tomb - 32494
  • (IWD:EE) - Map will scroll to the right on it's own after the cutscene which Angaar attacks the party - 32490
  • (IWD:EE) - Multiplayer: App should not crash when confirming an item quantity while traveling to a new area - 32467
  • (IWD:EE) - Caravan Contract should drop when the ogre is killed by cold damage - 32432
  • (IWD:EE) - Multiplayer: Party members should not lose Story Mode protections when a client disconnects from a game session - 32401
  • (BGII:EE) - Multiplayer: Players joining after host manually opens the Character Arbitration menu should not prevent the game from starting - 31837
  • (BGII:EE) - Multiplayer: UI should persist when a player joins a room while the host is writing a spell - 31764
  • (BGII:EE) - Multiplayer: Shop menu should still show item icons and names if another player's character is selected - 31514
  • (BG:EE) - Multiplayer: Players joining after host manually opens the Character Arbitration menu should not prevent the game from starting - 31839
  • (BG:EE) - Multiplayer: Multiplayer chat should not prevent user from opening the World Map - 31678
  • (BG:EE) - Multiplayer: Shop menu should still show item icons and names if another player's character is selected - 31356



  1. Ugh, the ONE thing I was hoping you'd fix - you haven't.

  2. So good to hear theres news on SoD coming. There are so many of us that want this on android. Thanks for your hard work.

  3. will this add game save sync between devices on android?

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  5. Hi beamdog team. I just tried the new patch. The game doesn't utilize the full screen of the Galaxy S8+. I have to force the full screen with game mode, it makes the game becomes a bit blurry.

  6. please add polish audio voices and nice -75% on steam will be perfect :P

  7. I was realy hoping to see iwd druid spells in bg..

  8. I was hoping you will give iwd druid spells to bg..

  9. It's the best Christmas gift. Thx!

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  11. Does this fix the client-side freezing/stutters in multiplayer when there are containers in the inventory? This has been making the game unplayable for a friend and I for the past year and a half, and we've been eagerly awaiting a fix. Old thread on it here:

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Are you planning on releasing the VO for the spanish version of Baldur's Gate I & II (and maybe IceWind Dale too)? It would be absolutely awesome If you do! That voices were of great quality. Please, have this into consideration for any upcoming update. Keep up the good work!

    1. Icewind Dale has spanish voices. BG and BGII lack them, sadly

    2. Icewind Dale has Spanish Voices, sadly not in BG or BGII.

  14. There is one critical bug... No Polish voice in game.

  15. There is one critical bug. No Polish voice in game.

  16. "(BGII:EE) - Importing characters of over 2,950,000 XP should not cause XP to reduce to 2,950,000 - 22611"

    Imported an end campaign max level character with 232 HPs, his XP was fine but his HPs dropped to 163.

  17. How many years I have to wait for the polish language?

  18. Portuguese translation please, like in Baldur's Gate 1.

  19. Are you going to be bringing this to the Mac App Store version or are you going to leave us in the dark still? I've purchased both Baldur's Gate and IWD but I'm going to be asking for a refund if you don't synchronise our version with the version you sell for Mac on your store. It's disgraceful and unethical!

  20. Are you going to be bringing this to the Mac App Store as well or are we going to be using the version from 3 years ago?! It's disgraceful and even unethical that you don't update us with the new patch and don't give us that nonsense of "Apple being difficult", you offer the version for Mac on your website for sale so you must be able to port it over for us too!

  21. Hi! Can you please make it possible to change party members anytime we want, as it was in the original game? Or please just tell me how to do it)

    1. I know I'm a little late - but to answer your question: The process for changing Party Members has been as it always has been: Drop The Party Members that you don't want in an area that doesn't "change" based on the story (a good choice is Amn's Grave Yard District or Watcher's Keep - both of which are accessible for the majority of BG2) Then pickup the member you want - 6 slots - that's all you get. I must say I'm not very impressed with the new models :/

  22. when polish audio in game BG2:EE ?!

  23. Thanks for the fix on bgII. Now I can play the video scenes perfect!

  24. In IWD it would be nice if, like in BG1 & 2, it was possible to equip a two handed weapon even if the other weapon equipped is a one hand + shield.

    I've been playing through all three games this year and it feels like IWD isn't as polished as the other two... Maybe it was the same with the originals, I only played the original BG1 so I can't compare...

  25. we attend a french version because we can t play if we don t understand
    On attend la version francaise

  26. I played the 2.5 Beta in BG:EE Single Player mode on Windows 10 x64 and noticed two odd bugs.

    The first bug is one I've encountered in multiplayer in 2.3: When modifying a character's script (Party AI), the 2.5 client does nothing when "DONE" is clicked. Only "CANCEL" works. I've experienced this in the 2.3 multiplayer, and it's concerning to see it move into 2.5 single player.

    The second bug is that the Party AI will periodically hang in 2.5. Characters will not move/attack. After reorienting them by manually doing a movement command, they will begin to respond to AI directives again, but they will eventually hang/stop again. I did not experience this with 2.3.

    I would like to test multiplayer, but single player is more imperative to me. Both of these issues may or may not be related to importing a character.

  27. I checked it out using Windows 10 x64 in BG:EE single player, using an old save file and also creating a new game and importing CHARNAME. I've experienced two bugs with the 2.5 Beta client:

    The first is when modifying a character's script (party AI), the DONE button no longer works. When clicked, nothing happens. The only option is to select CANCEL to return to the game, making AI impossible to modify. I have experienced this in 2.3 multiplayer, so seeing this bug move into the single player mode is concerning.

    The second bug is that the party AI "hangs". Fighters will rush in and attack but after a few seconds will become completely unresponsive to AI directives. Doing a move command to reorient them makes them responsive again but it only lasts a short period of time before they just stand there and take hits indefinitely without further manual intervention. This is unique to 2.5 in my experience.

    (Below are not related to 2.5)

    Other than these, the only bugs I've encountered are the odd menu bug where one menu layers on top of another and refuses to be dismissed, or is called in an odd way that breaks the game. For instance, trying to run from Imoen in the first screen for the solo achievement can potentially lock the game permanently if she talks to a party member while you're leaving the screen. The party add menu comes up and you also map transition successfully, but the party add menu is unresponsive and impossible to dismiss. Another is with dialogue boxes layering onto inventory menus due to odd timing between menu selection and when an NPC talks to you. I've had limited success with using keyboard shortcuts to dismiss the odd menu to interact with the one beneath it, but this seems something that could be fixed.

    Otherwise once every 3 to 5 hours or so, the game will throw an error and crash, usually while quicksaving or doing an area transition (autosaving).

  28. Will the Update adress the issue of imported dual class charachters having their starting class HP ignored(on PC at least)?
    The changelog doesent mention it, but thats a major issue in terms of NG+ and MP.

    This can be circumvented by importing from a save instead of a char file, however
    that causes familiars in your inventory to get deleted uppon import, while you not
    only keep the bonus HP, but enabling you to stack them indefinetely by summoning
    another familiar thatll get you another set of bonus HP.

    Which is kinda weired, bc i didnt recall that happening in the standard version.

  29. Please add polish language with voices!

  30. Please add polish lang and voices!

  31. I have run into an issue with update to android 7.0, Icewind Dale crashes on launch every time. I just get an error message that states it has stopped running. Both Baldurs Gate I and II play just fine after update. I play on an Asus tablet.

  32. How about fixing the BG-EE journal not updating?
    Quests are there but personal journal is empty, despite getting a message saying it's updated... Quite a big issue found already and I've only been playing a few hours.

    1. Most of the journal updates are for quests, maybe? At least that's how I see it for IWD-EE.

  33. How about fixing the BG-EE journal not updating?
    Quests are there but personal journal is empty, despite getting a message saying it's updated... Quite a big issue found already and I've only been playing a few hours.

  34. Still can't import characters in multiplayer with just statistics, if you try you just get random stats.

  35. Still doesn't work to import characters with just statistics in multiplayer, if you try the stats just get random.

  36. One tiny thing I'd like to see is travel time tooltips in BG:EE. Right now, there are no tooltips while looking at the world map; travel times are displayed, but only if the destination has a name: the random wilderness areas don't get anything.

  37. HOW ABOUT GOG OWNERS ??????????????????????

  38. Minor text error in Hrothgar's house. When I try to force the lock on the chest open using a weapon, it displays: 'You have failed to force the door.'

  39. IWDEE:Bug for autopause after target is gone. After killing a target, the game autopauses, but need to press unpause twice, as the game will autopause twice as well.

  40. IWDEE:Autopause on spotting enemy is also bugged. Sometimes when entering a dungeon, enemy is spotted but the game does not autopause. Same situation happens if an npc turns hostile after dialogue, game won't autopause.

  41. IWDEE:Black Wolf Talisman bug. The talisman gives an extra 10hp, but sometimes it doesn't apply after resting. Removing and re-equipping it adds back the 10hp, but only for maximum total, not current hp.

  42. IWDEE:Fighter/Mage/Thief bug. My F/M/T's set trap ability doesn't have an icon. An empty box shows after clicking the Special Ability icon. But it still works though.

  43. IWDEE:Android-As of version, almost all the bugs that I've submitted have been fixed, except for the force lock text error in Hrothgar's house. For this version, currently I've seen a few new bugs.
    1. The trap icon appears for all traps without even needing to detect traps.
    2. Save vs Poison rolls display as Save vs Death
    3. In Dragon's Eye Level 3, after ending the conversation with the 3rd Undead Lietenant, he walk over to engage my solo character, and triggers a trap (not there in the previous version), and take damage. Shows in the battle log that the source of damage is from me.

    1. Some minor edits:
      The Blackwolf Talisman bug seems to appear again at random after resting. The extra 10hp is not added.
      And referring to the 3rd bug mentioned above, I forget that I had laid a trap beside my character. But the trap triggered before the Undead Lieutenant even touched it. I've tried with some new traps, same result. Enemies would trigger the traps before even reaching them.

  44. Thanks for the feedback, folks!
    Can you please report all these issues you mention on - our dedicated bug tracker - so that they're not missed.

  45. Im waiting for the translation to portuguese from brazil...

  46. Where is the patch for the people who bought the game on :(

  47. Guys PLS fix it:
    on Xiaomi Redmi 4 Pro no any sounds =(

  48. on Redmi 4 Pro game have no sound
    PLS fix

  49. i have a copy bought in a media store. how can i get the update now? i am getting a message "You must own the base game before you can get a free expansion
    We were unable to add Baldurs Gate: Enhanced Edition Beta to your account" ;(((

  50. I can't even play the game I just see a screen which says looking for resources to download and a bar with 0% and 0MB / 0MB on it. I waited for like 10 minutes and nothing happens.

    I am using a OnePlus 5 with Android 8.1