Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition Launches on Steam

Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition has arrived on Steam! Here at Beamdog we’re not only excited to have the opportunity to rejuvenate another classic Dungeons and Dragons title, but to reintroduce an experience as creative as it is compelling.

As Beamdog CEO and Project Director on the original Neverwinter Nights Trent Oster puts it, “To me Neverwinter Nights is a magical game. The combination of a powerful, yet easy-to-use toolset, the ability to run a persistent world, to play with your friends and the Dungeons & Dragons rules are an amazing structure  I’m still massively excited about the democratization of game design that the tools enable and the power of the dungeon master client to shape adventures on the fly. I think there has never been another game like Neverwinter Nights and the Enhanced Edition is an opportunity to carry that concept forward to even greater possibilities.”

Through the original campaign and premium modules, you’ll experience lovingly crafted stories filled with hours of exploration and excitement. You’ll journey with Aribeth and Drogon, slay drow and dragons, travel from mountain peaks in the frozen North to the depths of the Underdark. The heroes you create will travel the face of Faerun.

“Neverwinter Nights has been a beloved game for the past 15 years, with Beamdog's ongoing development and community support we hope the Enhanced Edition will be loved for 15+ more years.” - Jonathan Hill, Project Lead for Neverwinter Nights.

With the Aurora Toolset, you’ll be able to express your imagination by crafting an infinite variety of worlds, as well as exploring those created by others through the Steam Workshop. Build towers that reach for the Seven Heavens, pits descending into the Nine Hells, and cities stretching across countries and continents. All of this and more is within your grasp.

The Dungeon Master Client allows you to play Dungeons & Dragons with friends thousands of miles away. Since its inception, D&D has been a powerful collaborative experience, and Neverwinter Nights will allow you to challenge your friends’ wits and skill at arms in real-time. Never worry again about finding a group to indulge your hobby, just log in and discover the adventures that await.

The team at Beamdog are overjoyed to support Neverwinter’s fans in playing, crafting, and enjoying the worlds of Dungeons & Dragons, as well as your own

If you're curious what's been done so far, check out the changelog taking us from NWN 1.69 to Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition.