Friday, March 23, 2018

Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition v8166

Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition v8166 is now available on Steam and Beamdog. We’re closing in on the March 27 release date fast! 

This build brings Steam and Beamdog versions back in line and focuses on camera, audio, and part-based item/character issues.

“What happened to 8165?” you might ask. That build rolled out Thursday on Steam-only so our QA team would be able to test some Linux specific issues on that platform. 

  • Fixed an issue where Borderless full-screen mode (introduced in 8166) prevented some resolution changes from happening.
  • Reverted an attachment point fix causing attachment issues on cloaks and horses in 8166.
Known Issues: 
  • We are still looking into the Intel Integrated GPU-related crashes on Windows.
  • Windows players using the server tool may experience save game corruption if they load the game from a save game rather than a module and then attempt to save the game via the server tool while nobody is logged into the server. In cases like this, please save your game while at least one player is still online.
  • Fixed clipping/popping on some music tracks.
  • Fixed distortion/crackling on music.
  • Switched to using OpenALSoft to allow surround sound to work properly.
  • Fixed an issue with positional audio listener orientation that was causing undefined behavior.
  • Removed UI options that are no longer relevant with OpenAL.
  • Fixed case sensitivity issues with opening music files.
  • Fixed an array bounds issue in the MP3 decoder.
  • Paste (as in copy/paste) has been fixed.
  • Fixed the issue where part-based rendering would not attach properly; like crossbows, slings, tails and wings.
  • Fixed the camera issue where switching to Drive Mode would lock the zoom-axis erroneously.
  • Fixed the camera issue where it would start tilted down in some cases.
  • We fixed ANSI-encoding of text (sorry, not UTF-8 yet) in all input modes. Everything the NWN chat font supports should now work.
  • The console doesn’t emit \ (or `, depending) anymore when opening it.
  • The console cannot be closed anymore with the console-open key. The reason for this is that some console commands require \; i.e. workshopupload. Use ESC instead.
  • You can now type ~ and ` in the console.
  • We fixed an issue where UI click positions would sometimes not line up with the buttons after switching window mode or resizing the game window.
  • Lighting and normal-mapping on static objects has been improved.
  • Added a pointer on CGameObject dedicated to NWNX use.
  • Numpad Return now acts the same as Enter on the main key block.
  • Re-enabled 2x UI scaling on 1080p. Some main menu elements do not fit yet. We plan to update the screens that break so they play nice at 1080p.


  • Under Display Options, you can now set glFinishBeforeFBO=1. This will cost about 20% performance, but will fix post-process rendering issues on some setups, particularly Intel. When turned on, you’ll notice filter “leaking” into the next, producing visual artifacts (You can test this on the console by typing glFinishBeforeFBO=1). The alternative is to only run one post-process filter.
  • You can turn on Borderless Window mode by setting Borderless=1 under Display Options.
  • You can use DESKTOP-style fullscreen mode (“borderless fullscreen”) by setting FullScreenDesktopMode=1 under Display Options. FullScreen needs to be enabled as well for this to work.


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