Friday, August 17, 2018

Updates to Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition & Siege of Dragonspear

A fair wind favors the Sword Coast today as the 2.5 update arrives in Baldur’s Gate! After weeks of waiting on becalmed seas, our swashbuckling team of developers have released a patch filled with features and fixes. Beyond the city gates, adventurers will find enhancements to the Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition expansion, Siege of Dragonspear!

Read on for the full details.

Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition


  • [iOS] [Multiplayer] [Regression] Multiplayer chat should show a message when a player leaves
  • [Android] Mod archives created with centralfix don't work properly (partial content only)
  • [Uniforms] Members of the Flaming Fist in the Baldur's Gate campaign should wear consistent uniforms
  • Allow players to use the Priest of Tempus kit
  • Branwen should interject when confronting Tranzig in Beregost
  • Eldoth's special ability should create one stack of five arrows
  • It should be possible to accept Thalantyr's quest to help Melicamp if you initially decline.
  • Jaheira should recognize Seniyad during the encounter with Aldeth.
  • Kivan should interject when you encounter Tazok at the bandit camp
  • Make 3 new portraits from "The Road to v2.0 Reward" official to the base game of BG:EE
  • Oublek should not refer to you as his "fine and honest friend" if you did not decline Greywolf's reward
  • Shoal the Nereid should not kill Player1
  • Tazok should have a appropriate response if Kivan is in your party.
  • There should be a conclusion to the vial of mysterious liquid found in the Nashkel Mines
  • There should be a way to avoid Neera's initial encounter
  • There should be some visible indication of Marek's poisoning. Player1 should only be poisoned
  • Yeslick should confront Rieltar in the Candlekeep Library
  • You should be able to finish Kagain's caravan quest
  • You should be able to interact with Entar at his estate in NW Baldur's Gate
  • You should not receive Coran's quest to kill the Wyvern if you have done so already
  • Alter PST dialog selection button to match BGEE UI style
  • Brought over PST dialogue selection button
  • Replaced old sword and shield logo
  • It should be possible to skip all major cutscenes in BG:EE
  • Updated Bala's Axe description text (strref 21957)


  • "A Ring for a Lady" should not be removed from the journal when it is completed
  • "Time spent with party" should be cumulative throughout the game
  • (BGEE) Legacy of Bhaal mode should not result in more than one guard interrupting a rest
  • (BGEE) Spell descriptions should be accurate about targeting only allies/enemies
  • [2.4!] [iOS][Regression] Item descriptions should be available from the Store interface
  • [Achievement] [Steam] Lord of Murder achievement should be available when SoD is not installed
  • [Android] Description box on the temple Donate screen should allow tap and drag scrolling
  • [Android] Dragging on the colour slider should not stop the music
  • [Android] Movies should not appear in only one small part of the screen
  • [Android] Paladin Lay on Hands icon should not be missing
  • [Android] The buttons to restore the left and side panels should not be invisible
  • [AR0108] Killing Sarevok In Ducal Palace Soft Locks the Game (No Progression).
  • [AR0502] Tourists should not live through Demon Knight's Attacks on Bhaal Mode.
  • [AR1401] Combat Music should Stop Playing after Combat
  • [AR4300] Colquetle's Family Amulet should not be missing after leaving area for a while
  • [BGEE]Shapeshift abilities "Magic Item" animal paw icons should not be dispelled
  • [BP] Melee characters should not show fists equipped on the Game screen
  • [Character Creation] Import does not include a Shaman Pregen Character like BG:SoD Does.
  • [Console] Remove areas that are not usable from the console list
  • [Dorn] You should not have two active Dorn Il-Khan quests in the journal after ambush scene
  • [French] French description text should not be cut off
  • [German] First dream narration should not repeat the last line at the beginning of the narration
  • [iOS] [Code] [Multiplayer] Player permissions should work as intended
  • [iOS] [Multiplayer] 'Ready to play' box should automatically untick when a new player is assigned to a slot
  • [iOS] [Multiplayer] [Code] Player characters should be assignable when there is an empty player slot between the host and the client
  • [iOS] [Multiplayer] A user with no Player Name should not be able join a multiplayer session
  • [iOS] [Multiplayer] Game type column should not be blank
  • [iOS] [Multiplayer] Host should be able to start the game regardless of character organization
  • [iOS] [Multiplayer] Najim should not appear in the middle of the Arena during battles
  • [iOS] [Multiplayer] Tapping on the multiplayer chat should not create a waypoint for the controlled character
  • [iOS] [Multiplayer] The Host should not disconnect from a multiplayer session once completed or defeated in combat in the Black Pits
  • [iOS] [Multiplayer] X button should close the player permissions window on client iPad devices
  • [iOS] Black Pits saves should be exported with the correct file extension
  • [iOS] Camera should not move on its own at the start of The Black Pits
  • [iOS] Message box for being unable to save and associated interactive button graphics should not be cut off
  • [iOS] Selection icon should use consistent on and off states
  • [iOS] Tapping on the Area Map UI should not move the area selection cursor
  • [iOS] User should not be able to access the Customization screen of other player's characters
  • [iOS][Language UI] Text References to Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear should not appear within the Baldur's Gate:EE UI
  • [Journal] "Joseph's Wife" quest should not disappear after completing.
  • [Journal] "Khalid and Jaheira" and "Xzar and Montaron" quest entries should not be removed upon finishing
  • [Journal] "Kivan and Tazok" journal entry should appear in journal
  • [Journal] "Prisoner of the Gnolls" quest should not be added to the journal if Dynaheir has been rescued already
  • [Journal] "Troubles in the Region" should not Disappear after talking with Mayor after Mines
  • [Journal] "Tutorial" quest in journal during tutorial should show the entry
  • [Journal] A Hidden Base in the Cloakwood quest should not be given after chapter 4 ends
  • [Journal] An Offer from Taerom Quest should have quest text.
  • [Journal] Chapter 2's "Important Events" Should not be left open upon reaching Chapter 3
  • [Journal] Chapter 2's "Investigate Nashkiel Mines" Quest Should not be left open upon reaching Chapter 3
  • [Journal] Chapter 2's "Troubles in the Region" should be closed by starting Chapter 3
  • [Journal] Chapter 5 "important Events" should not be left open upon entering chapter 6
  • [Journal] Completing "Kylee's Dagger" Quest should add all Popup entries to journal.
  • [Journal] Dorn Il'Khan - A Blackguard's Revenge Quest should close
  • [Journal] Entries in Journal should properly disappear without having to Save/Reload
  • [Journal] Entry about ogres and madmen should not be missing in the journal
  • [Journal] Entry for Neera's romance should be added to the journal
  • [Journal] Entry for Neera's romance should be added to the journal
  • [Journal] Firebead's Scroll Quest should Update after speaking with Tethtoril
  • [Journal] Important events should never be marked as "finished"
  • [Journal] Journal entries should be correct if you trigger chapter two by going to the Carnival instead of Nashkel
  • [Journal] Journal Entries should not "disappear" from journal upon completion and then appear after save/reload.
  • [Journal] Journal entry after Dorn is kicked out of party should be added to the journal
  • [Journal] Prolog Quest "Important Events" Should Behave like other Prolog Quests
  • [Journal] Quest "Poe's Tale of Firewine" should close if conditions are met.
  • [Journal] Quest for Khalid & Jaheira wishing to travel to Nashkel should not be permanently open if they are recruited in chapter two
  • [Journal] Quest for Montaron & Xzar wishing to travel to Nashkel should not be permanently open if they are recruited in chapter two
  • [Journal] Re-work "Troubles in the Region" Quest in BG:EE to be Journal Entries instead of Quest.
  • [Journal] Tazok and The Bandits Header should not be "Tandem in Extremis"
  • [Journal] Xvart Raids Quest should show in Journal
  • [Load Saved Game] Halen's Portrait should not be out of place in the "Prologue Start" saved game.
  • [Multiplayer] Client camera should not show the same area of every map whenever the game is loaded
  • [Multiplayer] Creatures should not spawn outside of Davaeorn's room
  • [Multiplayer] Customize UI should not break if another player enters dialogue
  • [Multiplayer] Double clicking to load a save should not disable selection actions in the Character Arbitration screen
  • [Multiplayer] Gamaz should not lose his lines if the game is reloaded
  • [Multiplayer] Imoen should not fail to join the party after Gorion's death
  • [Multiplayer] Players should be transported back to the hub after battle 12 in the Black Pits campaign
  • [Multiplayer] Selected Client-controlled characters shouldn't teleport in Gullykin when host-controlled characters go out of the buildings
  • [Multiplayer] Skipping Gorion's death should not see client characters left near Gorion
  • [Non-English] String 0 should be blank
  • [Rasaad] Sorrem should teleport with the party
  • [Rasaad] You should get an entry in the journal after recruiting Rasaad
  • [SoD iOS] Exporting Saved Game from SoD back to BG1 (Possible) Causes BG1 to Crash upon Load
  • [Tablets] Host should have control over disconnect characters after a time out
  • [Tablets] Host should receive messages about disconnections
  • [Tablets] The tutorial should not get stuck after dealing damage to the combat instructor
  • [TBP] The correct title screen should show after party death
  • [Windows] Doom Guards in Degrodel's Mansion should deal additional fire damage, not slashing
  • A commoner in Baldur's Gate should not talk as if in Beregost.
  • Abilities should have description icons
  • Additional VO should play in French
  • Advanced AI should select new targets when the initial target disappears
  • Aldeth Sashenstar's betrayal shouldn't bring PC in front of Angelo if PC was already brought in front of Angelo (before revealing Sarevok in the Palace)
  • Arcane Conjure Air Elemental Spell should not produce incorrect summons
  • Area art of Adoy's Enclave exterior should not shift between day and night
  • Asp's Nest +1 poison ability description should include the saving throw
  • Avenger druid baby wyvern should be able to poison with its attack.
  • Baeloth should behave correctly at 19+ reputation.
  • Baeloth should not repeat the same dialogue twice.
  • Bala's Axe Dispel Magic properties should be listed correctly
  • Bala's Axe, AX1H07, should match the description
  • Bard song range should affect party members to at least a visual range
  • Bard song should remove panic visualisation
  • Bartender in the Helm and Cloak should open his store for low rep/chr players.
  • Battle Axe +3 from the Enchanted Weapon spell should have the correct range
  • Beamdog logo should not be out of date on tablets
  • Belt during the tutorial should not skip a section about the world map
  • Blindness on Flaming Fist Mercenaries South of Beregost
  • Blink Dogs should not be doing nonlethal damage
  • Bottle of Wine shouldn't be dropped to the ground in Durlag's Tower
  • Bounty Hunter should display Set Traps skill bonus on the Skills screen during character creation
  • Bounty Hunter's special snares should be throwable
  • Branwen should correctly initiate dialog with Gamaz
  • Branwen should not turn back to stone after leaving the area
  • Branwen's name should not be displayed as "Statue" after she is rescued
  • Brief Description for Monk Class and Kits should be correct
  • Bucklers should have the correct strength requirement
  • Burning Hands spell icon should not have a black border
  • CADER09.WAV should play correctly
  • Camera should follow Garrick and the Protagonist as they walk over to Silke
  • Cancel button on Quit Game dialogue should always work
  • Candlekeep Inn rumours should be added to the journal
  • Captive Audience harp should dominate targets when they fail their save
  • Certain scrolls should be named "Letter"
  • Chapter 4 should not fail to trigger
  • Character portraits should appear correctly on save files
  • Characters should only level up when they have sufficient experience to do so
  • Charming halfling enforcers should display their charmed dialogue
  • Charming the Flaming Fist Mercenary during Narlen's First Test should not cause you to fail the quest
  • Chat messages should not appear twice in the dialog box
  • Clicking on an identified Girdle of Masculinity/Femininity should not hang the game
  • Combat music should not end before the Gorion ambush is over
  • Commoner near Rasaad should not have nothing to say to you when talked to.
  • COMPS01.item (NPC undroppable Bastard Sword) can break from Iron Crisis but inventory weapon still drops
  • Containers in shops should not be greyed out
  • Creatures without a name should not show corrupted text when they make a sound
  • Custom party members that have been kicked out of the party should be able to rejoin
  • Dart of Fire +1, Dart of Ice +1, and Dart of Acid +1 should look different than Dart +1
  • Descriptions for Protection From Evil should match the spells
  • Dialogue between Rasaad and Gamaz in OH3100 should be correct
  • Dialogue with Female Commoner should not give NO VALID REPLIES OR LINKS
  • Diggers in archaeological site should not have their dialogues exhausted
  • DisplayStringHeadDead() should function correctly.
  • Done button should not be misplaced on the Character Information screen
  • Doors in Gullykin should not shift when you open and close them
  • Dorn should retain his level, health total and equipment if kicked out of the party
  • Dorn should talk about the death of Kryll even if he was killed before her
  • Dorn's journal should not mention "going to Nashkel mines" if you have already been.
  • Dragon Disciple constitution should be correct on import
  • Drinking a Vial of Mysterious Liquid should indicate constitution has been permanently reduced
  • Drizzt should attack on Legacy of Bhaal difficulty
  • During Dorn's initial ambush cutscene player characters should not appear at the center of the area
  • Edwin should not speak to you about payment If Dynaheir dies for any reason.
  • Edwin should target both Minsc and Dynaheir when they come to blows.
  • Elven Chain Mail should have the correct unidentified name
  • Empty spaces should not be shown when opening container with full inventory
  • Enemy Mages should not cast spells while under the effect of Horror
  • Export of character should be successful when overwriting an existing character file
  • Feldepost Inn Cook's dialogue should appear in a regular full chat window instead only appearing in the small combat log window
  • Fireball should not display two lines of damage feedback on failed saves
  • Fist icon should not be larger than the item slot
  • Game should end if Aec'Letec's Death Gaze turns Charname into a ghast
  • Game should not crash during or after Alt / Tab
  • Game should not freeze when starting the first combat of Black Pits Tier 3
  • Garrick should always have a biography
  • Garrick should attack automatically with Advanced AI
  • Garrick should not get 750 extra XP and two spells when main PC reaches 2000 XP
  • Geltik and Malkax should leave with Zargal when party surrenders and gives up all gold
  • Greenstone Amulet removes Kiel's helmet's protection for morale failure.
  • Health bars over creature avatars should always appear during combat
  • Hold' status effect from Aec'Letec attack should not be called 'Paralyze' in combat log
  • Husam should leave after talking to him for the first time
  • Importing a character should not remove that characters class description when importing further characters
  • Importing same character file into party should not make class synopsis disappear
  • Infravision should not trigger in daylight and houses
  • Inventory ground scrollbar should be present and have a slider
  • Investigating the Merchant's League quest should not fail to complete
  • Investigating the Nashkel Mines quest should not re-open if you speak to a miner after killing Mulahey
  • Items such as Goodberry should not show two charge numbers
  • Jaheira should not be missing her voice-overs in the tutorial
  • Journal entries about Nashkel mines should not be given in chapter 3 or later
  • Journal entry about ogres and madmen should only be given once
  • Journal entry for rescuing Neera should be posted to the journal
  • Journal entry should be erased when returning to Joseph's wife
  • Journal entry should not be given until Brage has been killed
  • Kent should give the correct journal
  • Killing Silke shouldn't prevent Garrick from speaking to you
  • Kivan and Edwin should correctly interject when Dorn speaks
  • Landrin's Possessions journal entry should not remain open once completed
  • Letter that triggers Chapter 4 transition should not disappear if dropped on the ground
  • Listed area of effect for items and spells should be correct
  • Loading a save should not produce a double click action
  • Max HP should not be enabled by default
  • Mayor of Nashkel should recognize that you have cleared the mines.
  • Mendas should pay an increased reward if he has mentioned doing so
  • Minor Spell Sequencer should have the correct description and description icon
  • Minsc and Edwin should not give the quest to save Dynaheir if you have already saved her.
  • Minsc should interject correctly during Dorn's first romance talk
  • Minsc should leave with Dynaheir after fighting Dorn.
  • Modifiers from equipped items should not affect base THAC0 on Record Information screen
  • Multi-class characters should not use the bio of their first-listed class.
  • Nahal's Reckless Dweomer should not work with sequencers
  • Narlen should give the correct journal entry
  • Neera should interject correctly during Dorn's second romance talk
  • Neera should not be able to die in the first encounter in Beregost
  • Neera should not respond incorrectly
  • Neera should not respond incorrectly during her second romance talk
  • Neera should retain her level, equipment and spells if kicked out of the party
  • Number of inventory slots in loot window should not be higher than actual number of inventory slots
  • Only items which provide fire AND cold resistance should use the Resist Fire/Cold portrait icon
  • Osmadi should not create himself if you speak to him while he is charmed.
  • Party members should not turn on each other during combat
  • Periapt of Proof Against Poison should grant immunity to poison
  • Phase spiders summoned by Spider Spawn should not randomly teleport to the party
  • Picking up a potion should not trigger a THAC0 change in the inventory screen
  • Pixie Dust's description should be accurate
  • Players should be selected and can move after exiting "group combat tutorial"
  • Priest of Tempus content should be translated
  • Priest of Tyr and Tempus should not show as unkitted clerics on the Record and Inventory screens
  • Priest of Tyr, Exaltation should remove and prevent intoxication
  • Prism's emeralds should be placed in each eye in the statue he created.
  • Rasaad should mention Sorrem's location even if Viconia isn't in the party.
  • Rasaad should not respond with a player response
  • Rasaad should respond correctly
  • Rasaad's dialogue after meeting brother should fire
  • Record Screens in Turkish, Russian, Hungarian and Ukranian should show full information
  • Rededge should accompany Narlen during his thief quests.
  • Reevor should say a voiced "By Moradin's hammer" if you speak to him after his quest has ended
  • Reputation checks of familiars should be consistent with reputation checks of party members (BG1)
  • Safana should interject correctly during Dorn's second romance talk
  • Scar should appear outside the FF Barracks even if you don't speak to him on the bridge.
  • Selecting a non-English language should result in the game using that language in the games menus
  • Selling a stack of more than 20 gems should not reduce the selected quantity to 20
  • Shaman should not indicate boredom during dance
  • Shapeshifter werewolf should use correct weapon icon
  • Soultaker Dagger should be marked as plot critical
  • Sparring dummies should not move when bumped
  • Spells in the spell page list should be selectable after switching page
  • Spirit Form should have the correct name and description
  • Story Mode should apply to NPCs even with Party AI off
  • Story mode should not toggle portrait icons repeatedly while active
  • Strings that are not yet translated into other languages should show untranslated English text, not "placeholder"
  • Talking with Commoners near Rasaad should play audio cues
  • The Archer's Called Shot ability should have the correct description icon
  • The Avenger Druid's Baby Wyvern form should match its description
  • The bear cage door should function correctly in OH2000
  • The button for installed DLC should say INSTALLED instead of INSTALLED BUTTON
  • The camera should follow Gorion and charname at the start of the ambush cutscene
  • The Dispel Magic effect of Bala's Axe, AX1H07, should not be drained when found
  • The donation amount should be correctly aligned on the temple donation screen
  • The Fishermen and the Priestess quest journal entry should not assume the fishermen have been encountered
  • The Friend of Volo achievement should unlock
  • The game shouldn't crash in MP
  • The guards should not wake you up when resting outside of Candlekeep
  • The item Gong Mallet should have a more accurate ground item.
  • The Kneecapper +1 description should not state incorrect speed factor
  • The save buttons should not be cut off
  • The storekeep in Nashkel should not trigger a journal entry each time the party delivers a winter wolf pelt
  • The Tale of Captain Brage quest should not remain open if he is returned to the temple
  • There should be a default party when a new Black Pits game is started
  • There should not be a console error when un-memorizing mage spell
  • THUNDER3.WAV should not be corrupt and crash the game
  • Tomes of Wisdom in Durlags Tower should be consistent with other tomes
  • Translation credits for Hungarian, Russian and Ukrainian should show full information when the language is set to Turkish
  • Trap spells should go off instantly when they are approached.
  • Turning off story mode should not give the "Godlike" achievement
  • Varci should not block the area script after his timer expires
  • Vultures should not produce invalid strings when string references are enabled
  • Wand of Cloudkill description should state the correct saving throw type and penalty
  • Yeslick should not start dialogue with you after he leaves the party due to Dorn joining.
  • You should be able to tell Safana that you already cleared the cave when you first meet her.
  • You should not be able to leave the Dual Class proficiency screen until proficiency points are all spent
  • Zombies should use their creature weapons, not their nonlethal fists
  • Zoom should work after defeating Sarevok at the Coronation

Siege of Dragonspear


  • "Important Events" is a vague quest title
  • (ITEM) Implement Mizhena's reward item: Blazing Glory +3 (BDBLUN09)
  • [Android] Back button should consistently behave as Google expects it to
  • [Bridgefort] The fire elemental that was supposed to trigger the explosive barrels instead attacked me, but the barrels still blew up.
  • [Cyric temple] Some monsters spawned when I rested in the Cyric Temple, but they spawned inside of some cages.
  • [Focus Test] There should be a Tutorial popup when the first new game is started on tablet
  • [iOS] Red diamond icon should not be blurry on higher resolution tablets
  • [SOD] update achievement script to use proficiency instead of checkstat for the grandmastery achievement
  • [Tablet] Portuguese language should be available on Android and iOS
  • Allow players to use the Priest of Tempus kit
  • Blazing Glory +3 should have unique inventory and description icons
  • Bring over PST dialogue selection button
  • Bring over PST side bar and re-color to match SoD scheme
  • Corwin, Glint, M'Khiin and Voghiln should return to the camp if they leave party due to bad reputation
  • Implement the new Mizhena sequences
  • iOS 11 should be the min spec for Apple devices
  • Item name should appear when the party receives an item
  • Mizhena plot needs journal entries
  • Mizhena's Amulet should have unique inventory and description icons
  • NPCs should be included in new games begun with 2 PCs
  • Remove unused VO
  • Shaman spells and kit description should use BGEE strrefs
  • There should be a popup with clear instructions on how to import a BG:EE game when the Import button is used


  • (AI) Enemies shouldn't chase indefinitely after Player1 if they don't see any targets
  • (AI) Enemy archers shouldn't flee indefinitely from melee range
  • (Area) BD7230 - Rest interrupt should work as intended
  • (ASC defense) Allied squad leaders shouldn't be immortal during the last battle phase
  • (MDD1731) It shouldn't be possible to skip the revelation that Imoen didn't plan Charname's escape by selecting specific dialog paths
  • (SDD318) The option to tell Shapur that player has already met the teens should not be missing
  • [All] Journal UI should not be visible during dream sequences
  • [All] Multiplayer chat should not prevent user from opening the World Map
  • [All] The 'Edit Character' button should function for the Client after opening the Character Arbitration screen during gameplay
  • [All] The 'Initiate Dialogue' permission should function as intended when speaking to vendors
  • [All] The 'View Other Character Records' permission should function as intended
  • [All] The item inspection screen should be dismissed properly during a story event
  • [All][Quick Loot] Quick loot button should not change its activation status after holding it for few seconds
  • [Android] 'Choose Amount' popup should not close when double tapping an item near the 'Cancel' button area
  • [Android] Framerate should not drop during the combat against 'Belhifet' on the Galaxy Tab S2
  • [Android] Google Play store should not request permission for in-app purchases
  • [Android] Imoen Assassination Cutscene should focus on Imoen
  • [Android] Keyboard does not close automatically after saving the game
  • [Android] The Color Choice bar should be responsive to dragging motions
  • [Android] The onscreen keyboard should close when it is no longer using 'Multiplayer Chat' or 'Journal'
  • [Android] The title should not become stuck on a black screen when suspending it
  • [Android] The title should not experience performance issues whenever a Pixel C is part of a lobby
  • [Android] The title should not have a low frame rate on the Galaxy Tab S2
  • [Android] There should not be random door icons in locations where there are no doors
  • [Android] Title should not crash when the user presses the ?Character Arbitration? button while switching maps or saving
  • [Android] Trap icons should not be visible before they have been detected
  • [Android]- The menu UI should not be overlapping when pressing the back button on the device while watching the credits
  • [Android][iOS] Characters should not frequently clip through a door when standing between other characters and the door
  • [Android][iOS] Help popup should not appear above Imoen's dialogue in multiplayer
  • [Android][iOS] The cursor location and label text should not overlap on the world map
  • [Audio] VO and corresponding text appearing on screen should be in sync during Chapter Seven intro
  • [BD0102] Sprite should be covered when standing in archway
  • [Focus Test] Chapter text should not appear then disappear then start scrolling after the Prologue
  • [Focus Test] Long tapping on items in the Quick Bar should open their description
  • [Focus Test] NPC names should not be present on the black screen after the prologue when Highlight Objects is turned on
  • [Focus Test][Android] Holding down the plus/minus buttons should not stop assigning points
  • [GDD100] Glint should not reply to Voghiln unless he is in the party
  • [GDD100] Glint should reply to Voghiln's "personal safety" line (stringref 67691)
  • [Hungarian] - Letters should not be missing from the SoD font
  • [iOS Options UI] Changes to Description should show when highlighting a new option within a scrollable option's area.
  • [iOS] [Android] [MP] Modifying character inventory should not erroneously trigger the "wizard spells have been disabled" flag
  • [iOS] [Android] [Multiplayer] 'Time played' displayed in the multiplayer lobby should match the time played in-game
  • [iOS] [Android] [Multiplayer] Client device should not crash when the host attempts to reload
  • [iOS] [Android] [SDD201b] The lever used to kill the imprisoned crusaders should be labelled
  • [iOS] [Android] Combat AI should not be disabled whenever the host opens the 'Character Record' menu
  • [iOS] [Android] Hosts should not be able to bypass the lock on reassigning characters during combat using drag-n-drop
  • [iOS] [Android] Scrolling the dialogue box should not scroll the background
  • [iOS] [Android] Slider handle should not appear outside of slider bar in Appearance section when creating a Half-Orc character
  • [iOS] [Android] The onscreen keyboard should not pop back up when attempting to close it when entering a password for a multiplayer lobby
  • [iOS] [Android] The Wraith should be visible to all players when using the team's Mage to dispel the stone's effects in Bridgefort
  • [iOS] [UI] UI should properly fit on screen of the iPhone X
  • [iOS] A placeholder should not be displayed in the main menu
  • [iOS] Dungeons & Dragons text should display crisply
  • [iOS] Exporting a save mid-game should allow that save to be re-imported to continue the game
  • [iOS] Host should not crash when client loots the 'Sacks of Grain' from the crate without a lid in 'Underground River'
  • [iOS] Introduction video should play when launching the title
  • [iOS] Opening the Map screen should not close the app
  • [iOS] SoD should be able to import BG:EE saves
  • [iOS] The map should stop scrolling after there is no touch screen input on the iPhone X
  • [iOS] The title should not crash after removing a character from a full party
  • [iOS] The title should not crash for host after specific dialogue choices with Jegg at Bridgefort
  • [iOS] The title should not crash when opening a container while purchasing from a vendor
  • [iOS] The title should not crash when turning off the device screen of host device
  • [iOS][Android][Multiplayer] Title should not crash for the Host when opening the Character Arbitration sheet after a quick save is completed
  • [iOS][Android][UI] Quick bar should not overlap with the dialogue box
  • [iOS][Android][UI] UI overlay should not disappear when identifying an item and saving the game simultaneously
  • [iOS][Options UI] Options->Sound should not Open "Movies" and "Movies" should have an effect.
  • [Localization] Strref number for items and the NPC named "Belt" should be different
  • [Long Tap to Save Feature - iOS] Long Tap to Save in Standalone SOD Build should not be using .bg1save extension.
  • [MDD201] Jaheira should be visible in dialogue
  • [MDD531] Dead Crusader Scouts should not block pathfinding
  • [Mizhena Dialog - SDD303J/K] Return of Mizhena's Amulet should be possible after triggered camp battle
  • [Mizhena Dialog - SDD303n] Killing Mizhena's Father Should be a more Fleshed Out Option
  • [MP] [PC] Hiding the UI prior to entering active dialogue should not disable reactivation of the UI
  • [Multiplayer] [Android] [iOS] Title should not crash for one or all players at random intervals within Bridgefort
  • [Multiplayer] [iOS] [Android] Scripted dialogues should not repeatedly trigger if clients are in proximity when the host is occupied
  • [Multiplayer] [iOS] [Android] The title should not crash when loading into the 'Dragonspear Castle Basement'
  • [Multiplayer] Characters should not treat previously accessible ground areas as blocked after a save is made
  • [Multiplayer] Client should not crash with specific pre-gen characters when the host starts the game
  • [Multiplayer] Clients should see spirits shown by the Spectacles of Spectacle as ghostly figures consistently
  • [Multiplayer] Clients' cutscene should match the Host's cutscene during the 'Coldheart Lich's' resurrection
  • [Multiplayer] Dialogue should only show when players are on the main game screen
  • [Multiplayer] Different games should not be able to see each other's sessions in multiplayer
  • [Multiplayer] Game should not crash when the Warrens elevator is used
  • [Multiplayer] Permissions should work correctly for the 'Character Arbitration' menu
  • [Multiplayer] Players should not be able to block progression by deleting characters with quest items
  • [Multiplayer] There should only be one 'Duke Belt' waiting to send the player off as they leave the 'Ducal Palace'
  • [Multiplayer] Wraith should not attack until Bridgefort defences are down
  • [Multiplayer][Android][iOS] Texts should not show twice in game chat when typing multiplayer chat
  • [Options UI] Options->Credits->Done should take you back to the Options menu, not to the game menu.
  • [PC] - Game should not crash when fighting multiple enemies in Dragonspear castle.
  • [PC] 'Waiting for Other Players' screen UI should be properly aligned
  • [PC] [iOS] The camera should center on Coldhearth during the lich reveal cutscene
  • [PC] [Multiplayer] The host should not crash after being idle for a short period of time
  • [PC] A fresh install of the title prompts the player to select invalid game modes
  • [PC] Exiting the 'Inventory' menu should not toggle the 'Reveal Details' view
  • [PC] Option to pre-generate a player character should be present
  • [PC] Player characters should not attack each other during combat
  • [PC] Steam Cloud functionality should not be present when title is launched from the beamdog launcher
  • [PC] The title should not be become stuck when attempting to join a session while refreshing the Join Game screen
  • [PC] User is should be able to Quick Save the game
  • [Retail Build, Standalone Build] Game should not crash upon importing a saved game.
  • [SDD215ba/SDD215bb] Hoach Randymonk journal entry should be removed from Quests when the Boots of Speed have been repaired
  • [SDD215ce] You should not get a journal entry about Daggerford soldiers if you never talked to them
  • [SDD215cf] Daggerford soldiers should not ask you to kill Pritchard if you have already finished the quest
  • [SDD220] Beetles should spawn if huge spider corpse has disappeared
  • [SDD221, M'Khiin] Journal entry about goblin loot should close once it is found
  • [SDD223c] Journal Entry 50750 should not be empty when Khalid refuses to pay you for the Aquamarine.
  • [SDD303f] You should get a reward for returning Mizhena's Amulet
  • [SDD303l] Mizhena should not get herself killed by attacking the gate at Dragonspear Castle
  • [SDD303n] You should get a finished quest in the journal if you free Mizhena's father after her death
  • [SDD303o] Response should not be missing in dialogue with Mizhena
  • [SDD303o] The quest Mizhena's Amulet should close when you return the amulet at Dragonspear Castle
  • [SDD330b] BeenInParty()-trigger should work when talking to Julann and Rigah
  • [SDD330f] Dynaheir should not say that a male charname is a woman
  • [SDDD12a/b/c] You should get journal entries after using the scrying pool
  • [SoD] You should not be able to hear pre-release voice-overs when the language is not English
  • [Story Mode] Story Mode should apply to NPCs as well as CHARNAME.
  • [Tablet] Language screen should not reference Baldur's Gate or have incorrect information about SoD
  • [TBP] Text should not scroll over background graphics on the Black Pits epilogue screen
  • [UI] "Continue" and "End Dialogue" buttons should not be visible to client during a multiplayer game
  • [UI] Mizhena's Amulet quest journal prompt should be free of typos
  • [UI] Multiplayer lobbies should not disappear after inputting the wrong password
  • [UI] Slider elements should be scaled correctly
  • [VO] Duke Eltan's VO should match with the text appearing in the dialogue box when speaking to in Ducal Palace
  • 10 HP should not show as 0 HP on tooltip
  • 6th party member should not get stuck when leaving Bridgefort
  • Add blood stains to BD5000
  • Alora and Ajantis should not have their lines crossed in the opening dungeon
  • Ancient menhirs should not open more than one dialogue when activated
  • Arbinge should say the correct line if talked to after fight in ogre camp
  • Area list in console should show base game areas and not SoD areas when playing the BG1 campaign
  • Armor description text should not overlap border
  • Blank entries on inventory screen seem broken
  • Bridgefort's drawbridge opening cutscene shouldn't disable zoom
  • Buttons on the options screen should not be cut off
  • Casting Find Familiar should not crash the game
  • Chaos of Battle should give bonuses to allies in its radius and penalties to enemies in its radius
  • Character Creation - Specialist's Mage Book should prevent you from selecting only non-specialist spells
  • Character wearing Dragonscale Armor should not get killed by Cloudkill
  • Choosing "Priest of Tyr" subclass should not block character creation
  • Corwin should start a dialogue and not keep stopping
  • Corwin's line regarding Skie should make sense
  • Critical Hit Effects opcode should not bypass Protection from Weapon Type opcode
  • Damage breakdown should be correct when equipping "Legacy of the Masters"
  • DisplayStringHeadDead() should function correctly.
  • Dragon Disciple constitution should be correct on import
  • Effects with save for half damage should not display two lines of damage feedback on failed saves
  • Elements' Fury +2 description should state correct weight
  • Elven Chain Mail should have the correct unidentified name
  • Enemy AI shouldn't cast spells when panicked
  • Examined items on the quick bar should not show "Drink Potion" if the item isn't a potion
  • Exported characters should not start a new game with no equipment
  • Flaming Fist Enforcers should not attack Corwin after the Player Characters attack her
  • Game should not crash when AOE spells are cast
  • Game should not crash when starting the SoD campaign with a Sorcerer or Shaman
  • Gnome Illusionists should not have <SCHOOLTOKEN> in their Specialist Mage spell selection warning
  • Help Popup should not appear behind Imoen's first dialogue box
  • Help popup text should be free of broken characters and symbols
  • Help popup texts should be free of typos
  • Implement the new art for BD5000
  • Importing a character should not remove that characters class description when importing further characters
  • Inn Rest at Thaird's should not cause a CTD
  • It should be possible to bind the Quickloot button to a hotkey
  • It should not be possible to unpause the game while in the Reform Party window
  • Item "Circlet of Lost Souls" should have an accurate description
  • Items such as Goodberry should not show two charge numbers
  • Key bindings in the Assign Keys menu should not have incorrect names
  • Key bindings should not be listed as SDL_0
  • Killing Jamven should not block the player from progression
  • Legacy of Bhaal mode should not result in more than one interrupt per rest
  • Line should play for Voghiln in banter with Khalid
  • List of priest and mage spells in Assign Keys menu should be complete in SoD when launched via BDC
  • Listed area of effect for items and spells should be correct
  • Looters in Dragonspear Castle should not be able to escape justice
  • M'Khiin should have her Advanced AI detect trap enabled, and detect illusion when enabled
  • M'Khiin should not be missing from the Flaming Fist Camp
  • M'Khiin should not repeat her dialogue about hidden goblin treasure if spoken to again
  • Male: Jovial soundset should have correct subtitle for the bored VO
  • Map note for Phossey Dugdeep should be removed when she leaves
  • Map Notes for General Stonehand and Marshal Nederlok should be removed when they leave for Dead Man's Pass
  • Mizhena sdd changes.
  • Modifiers from equipped items should not affect base THAC0 on Record Information screen
  • Modify Characters permission tooltip should not talk about inventory access
  • Movie subtitles should match the new VO
  • Multi-class characters should not use the bio of their first-listed class.
  • Nahal's Reckless Dweomer should not work with sequencers
  • Neera should not keep the Planetar Feather in her inventory
  • Opening container in inventory should not cause game to crash
  • Overhead text in cutscene should not have differently sized text
  • Plot should not move forward after getting permission from Ogres to Ascend to DSC Basement.
  • Poisoned Throwing Dagger description should not state incorrect weight
  • Pressing "Done" should hide the keyboard and exit text edit when editing the character biography
  • Priest of Tyr should not reference Exaltation and Acclamation
  • Priest of Tyr, Acclamation should remove and prevent intoxication
  • SDDD13 Lich phylactery should not become inaccessible and block further game progress
  • Shadowed Spear should have an image associated to it in the lore tab
  • Shapeshift abilities "Magic Item" animal paw icons should not be dispelled
  • Shapeshifter werewolf should use correct weapon icon
  • SoD scimitars should not display their Shaman usability restriction twice
  • Soft Feet boots should protect against Gargantuan Spider Web
  • Spectator VO should not be cut off prematurely in pit fighting scene
  • Spell Immunity should show schools when used in a Contingency
  • Subtitle text for intro movies should not be right aligned.
  • Text box should not jump to an older entry then scroll back down every time a menu is opened
  • The achievement Family Reunion should unlock
  • The achievement Nature Lover should unlock
  • The achievement You Chose... Poorly should unlock
  • The Customize button should not be disabled
  • The game should not stall between end movie and end credits
  • The player should not be able to start 'All the Way to the Bank' by speaking to Senna
  • The player should not be able to start 'Refuge for the Refugees' by acquiring 'Supplies'
  • There should be temple services available on return from Avernus
  • Throwing Axe +1 should have portrait icon when used in combat
  • Trolls in the pen should help fight when freed
  • Unique save file should be created at the beginning of chapter 11
  • Viconia should not automatically leave the party after departing Baldur's Gate if the party's reputation is too high
  • You should not be able to get stuck in BD4300 during the escape
  • You should not be able to leave the Dual Class proficiency screen until proficiency points are all spent
  • You should witness a beautiful dawn



  1. When can we expect to see the update at the Mac App Store?

    1. Hello! Very soon! We're working on it right now.

  2. This patch has rendered my game un-playable! My main character (and Dorn for some reason) cannot move properly. You tell them to go someplace and it takes them forever to get there! My main character does a stop go stop go stop go kind of chicken dance, and Dorn just stops moving completely. WTF Beamdog?!?!?!?!? Also, the in game mouse cursor keeps blinking at the same rate as my main character's chicken dance!

    1. Hello!

      Could you check out and read through this thread - - and try the offered solution?

      Which is to use the following console command:

      If you are unfamiliar with the console, read this thread - - first.

  3. i can't believe the amount of work an love you're putting in this game, thank you very much for giving us (the new generation) the oportunity to enjoy this masterpiece THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

  4. You really should hide some of those fixes behind spoiler tags.

  5. Thanks a lot guys for such a wonderful work!

  6. wonderful, this game is very good, I played and still play, make more games of this style, real RPG players love this game, thanks

  7. Amazing, wonderful great! May I ask just one more thing - let us personalize our character SPRITES! Please let us have a pure mage that is wrapped in leather bands or a fighter in a robe! Then I'd play a couple more thousand hours!

  8. This is a huge patch. Thanks for supporting the game like this. However, I don't see anything about TIS v1 format images. There are some mods out there that use these images, and the EE engine has bugs dealing with them. I know bug reports have been opened for this in the past. Has this been fixed in 2.5? Will it ever be addressed?

    1. Hello!

      I can't find a bug report for it, so please create one at ! Thanks in advance!

  9. Does this mean multiplayer across devices will finally work?

  10. Issue "Map markers are broken." still not fixed as promised.
    There is not even a single mention of this bug in the changelog.

    Very disappointed. :(

    1. Hello!

      This bug is fixed.

      It's mentioned in another blog entry -

  11. Dead Beamdog,

    thank you for your great effort and your hard work! We D&D nerds all appreciate it! I have a question considering Planescape: Torment. Are you guys still working on this game? Will it recieve a big update like the rest of your games, or is the 3.1.4 the final version?

    All the best for the entire team,

  12. It seems that on Steam beta channel, you still get the old 2.5.15 version. You have to opt out of the beta to get 2.5.17. Maybe update the beta channel as well? This applies to both BG1 and BG2.

  13. Hi, this update was done on my mac 30 days ago and has created a bug which means Dorn in my party stops randomly when walking to where i click so i have to click 10+ times just to get him to move across a town etc. also when i pause the game it now becomes black and white which it never used to do.

    1. Hello! Please check out the solution here:

  14. The update is nice on all but on iPad picking up small hidden contains is for intents and purposes broken as hell ... try to pick up diamond at start of game of the ring outside friendly arm inn ... to broken to play ... hope you fix for iPad as I don't use a computer and not gonna play if can't use the small hidden container the touch box is infinitely small now ... please fix

    1. Hello! Thanks for your feedback. We're working on this issue.

  15. I finally bought and started playing the Steam version for Windows 10. Definitely lots of cosmetic changes, and I love how you can zoom in and out of the main game screens. Great changes to the Journal system. Glad you can stack more than 20 arrows/bolts and 5 potions etc. Still playing through from the Original Saga so keen to see what else is different.

    My biggest user interface and ease of use issues so far compared to the original are that
    1. You can't press Enter for from a lot of (description type) screens anymore to finish up, you must click the word "Done". And a similar thing, hitting Escape from some screens doesn't always work?? :/
    2. There's no easy way to change the screen resolution in the Graphics options like there used to be
    3. There's no sandtimer thing in the bottom left corner to click to pause/unpause the game (as far as I could find) - you must do a keyboard button press.

    I'm really hoping future updates will implement these ease-of-use features :)

  16. How do I verify that my copy has this update? The game crashes every time I complete the tier 1 round 3 battle in the black pits.

    1. Hello! Please zip and attach your save at , and we'll help you.

  17. Hi guys!
    How can I updates my dvd games??
    I bought the dvd times ago and now i wanna play with them in my pc.
    Please, help me!!!!