Thursday, March 10, 2016

Road to v2.0!

As we get closer to the Siege of Dragonspear release date (March 31, if you hadn't heard), the wheels of this out of control train spin faster and faster. Uh, I mean we're totally in control. Totally.

We do have more cool stuff breaking all the time, though, and today it's the new Road to v2.0 event! Before Dragonspear releases we want to have the v2.0 update available for Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition and Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition. We're inviting fans to join the public beta on our forums. Yes, YOU can contribute to the massive update coming to our games with your precious, precious time!

Besides being an integral part of our testing (and ensuring we hear your opinions and observations), you can also help reach Milestones during the event. As you unlock Milestones, we provide fun rewards to the forum community. Want to see yourself immortalized as a Baldur's Gate portrait? Snag some Siege of Dragonspear wallpaper? Win a copy of our Collector's Edition (limited quantities, pre-order now!) Then sign up for the Road to v2.0!

Last week on our live stream we showed off some of the incredible new features available in the beta and, eventually, in the update (this is your chance to play the new Shaman class!) The stream is up on YouTube now, so check it out.

Pre-orders are still going strong. Visit our store today to snag a copy of Siege of Dragonspear, the Digital Deluxe edition, or the Collector's Edition (while quantities last, don't miss out!)


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