Wednesday, March 23, 2016

One More Week

There's a lot of excitement in the Beamdog office right now as we head into the last week before Dragonspear's release. As you can imagine we're keeping busy making sure that everything's ready for the 31st. We have a few exciting events unrolling this week as well!

On Saturday March 26, Phil and Amber will be guests on Shane Plays. We'll be talking about Dragonspear, naturally, and you can listen live online or listen to the stream at 11:05 am PDT. The show will also go up as a podcast a few days later. Thanks for having Beamdog on the show, Shane!

Thanks for watching everyone!
After the radio piece is done, we'll jump into our last live stream before Dragonspear releases. Tune into our Twitch stream at 12:30 pm PDT on March 26. We'll play through some of the areas we demoed at GDC, but more slowly for the viewers at home. That stream will go up on YouTube a few days later as well.

Finally the Siege of Dragonspear themed issue of the Familiar releases tomorrow! The magazine contains behind-the-scenes info on the art and design of Dragonspear, background on the new Shaman class, and fiction about the goblin shaman M'Khiin by Andrew Foley. Check it out for free on iOS or Android!

And time marches on...

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