Monday, March 21, 2016

GDC Recap

Wow, the Game Developers Conference this year was a blast! This was our first big press appearance as a company, all for the upcoming launch of Dragonspear. We brought a solid team from Edmonton down to San Francisco, and while Trent and Cam were off having Very Important Business Meetings (TM), the rest of us ran demos for many awesome press folks. This explains why I have no voice today.
On the plane to San Francisco!
We had an Uber race when we arrived. Team Abdullah beat the pants off of Team Hugo as I knew they would

Pointing the way to our suite.
No we didn't liberate the tripods from other floors.
I don't know what you're talking about.

Once at the Marriott we set up our demo suite. I gotta say, it was an incredible feeling to see all our professional press material and us in our cool new Beamdog t-shirts for our first big review. 

My midnight text to Trent: I just had a great idea!
Our con team should be called TEAMDOG!
The three days of demoing went by in a dream. We were booked and sometimes double-booked the whole week through. The majority of the press who came through were Baldur's Gate fans and super stoked about Dragonspear. There were gasps, cheers, even a few tears. 

One interviewer told us he was giving the review assignment to another member of his team because a) there was no way he could be objective, and b) he would just play Dragonspear forever and never write anything. That sort of reaction made these years of hard work worthwhile.

It also made us a bit giddy.

Trent's reply text: You are a character.
No, Phil, you can't hide from your responsibilities.
Give it back, Phil.
Give that badge some orange juice. Badges love orange juice.
Not sure what's going on here. Or am I?
I really want to hear their next album.

On our last day at the con, we went out for dinner with John Feil of Wizards of the Coast. It was great to catch up with our partners and hear the praise they had for Dragonspear.

We brought eight people, they brought one. We paid.

Wrapping up the convention with late-night talks.

Thank you so much to all our press contacts who came out for a demo, and to everyone who met with us to talk about Beamdog! 

Less than two weeks to Dragonspear and it's starting to feel really, really real. (Before it only felt mostly real.) Keep an eye on the blog for more news as we approach March 31!

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