Wednesday, March 30, 2016

One More Day

Last week I posted “one more week” and now I'm writing “one more day.” What a surreal feeling, to know that tomorrow Siege of Dragonspear will be out and in the hands of the fans. Tomorrow, gamers who have been playing Baldur's Gate for almost 20 years will return to the Sword Coast, reacquaint themselves with Minsc, Edwin, Khalid, and Viconia (among others), and journey north to the ruins of Dragonspear Castle to learn what fresh evil stirs in its halls.

Fresh, well-illustrated evil.
Such a monumental event deserves extra attention, so here in the Beamdog office we've got some special events planned for tomorrow. Our live streamcountdown to Dragonspear begins at 9 am Pacific time, March 31. You can watch us on Phil and Amber will kick off the festivities and demo throughout the day.

Stephanie Wolfe, voice of Safana, will also join us about an hour into the stream to talk about her experience working on Dragonspear. We'll countdown to the game release at noon, with more demos and t-shirt giveaways, and then at 1 pm Pacific Time we'll run an AMA on reddit. Phil and Amber will even run a live AMA segment on the stream!

Tune in tomorrow to watch the countdown to release and stick around for the AMA. But most of all, enjoy Siege of Dragonspear!

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