Friday, August 17, 2018

Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition - New Updates

Take heart, fellow travelers! We're sending aid to the northernmost reaches of the Forgotten Realms to sustain you in your quests through the harsh and unforgiving territories of Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition! The update for IWD:EE provides adventurers with features and fixes to light the way as you trek to the deepest recesses of the frozen tundra.

Read on for the full patch notes.


  • Area of Effect spell markers are now available as a prototype.
    • Players can toggle this option on or off by adding SetPrivateProfileString('Game Options','Show AOE','1') to their Icewind Dale Baldur.lua
  • The Lance of Disruption spell projectile is now distinguishable from Alicorn Lance. 


  • If a party member is dead the game should not crash after captive villagers leave.
  • In Trials of the Luremaster, the Magic Mouth should open if the required skulls have been obtained.
  • In the Heart of Winter, it should be possible to enter the boathouse in Lonelywood.
  • In multiplayer, games should not crash while on the arbitration screen. 
  • It should be possible to sell a quantity greater than one of rings or similar equipment from a container. 
  • The iOS Export Character UI should use the Icewind Dale Character Extension. 
  • In the iOS multiplayer, a player’s party members dying should not cause the other player’s game to hang. 
  • You should not be able to dual-class if the requirements are not met. 
  • Restoring the Elven Shrine quest should show as a completed quest when finished.
  • Result of single combat with Presio should not be said by party leader.
  • Color choices sliders should not lag when dragged. 
  • In the iOS multiplayer, the title should not become unresponsive and crash when starting the dictation mode while entering a password protected session. 
  • The ranger spell version of Minor Spell Deflection should use icons from wizard spell of the same name. 


  • New Priest of Tempus dialogue should not play in English for languages with localized audio. 
  • In the Italian voiceover, Attack Sound 3 of the “Female Mage 4” soundset should match its text. 
  • Italian voiceover should not be missing for Heart of Winter player soundsets. 
  • Turkish text should not be different if the party leader is female.



    1. Ever since patch install I'm experiencing issues with Dorn and my Main. Some type of dialogue loop they are stuck in. He won't/can't follow commands and will only walk a foot or two before stopping. I do not play mods. What gives?

      1. Hello!

        Could you check out and read through this thread - - and try the offered solution?

        Which is to use the following console command:

        If you are unfamiliar with the console, read this thread - - first.

    2. The boathouse in lonelywood is still not accesible normally. Have to click on some out of place "door teleports" that appear on the upper right corner of the town map when the tab (show containers and doors) is pressed. After i click on one of the four tiny spots, only then i am able to get the staircase pointer on the boathouse´s stairs and enter it.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Hi, I can't activate the area of effect.
      I have only one ".lua" file and it is "engine.lua". I've added "SetPrivateProfileString('Game Options','Show AOE','1')" to no effect.
      Can you please point me in the right direction?

    5. Hi all, glad to be able to comment, I was wondering sorry if not in correct location, not a blogger or feeder? My Undead Hunter can only cast one 1st level spell. He is like 8th level now, isn't he supposed to get more spells and higher level ones? I have looked online and nada?