Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition 2.5 Beta Update for Google Play

Watch out, Android players! We're rolling out a new beta build of the 2.5 update to Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition on Google Play.

Find out how to opt into the 2.5 beta here and let us know your experiences in the Beamdog forums.

Check the previous Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition beta notes here.


Replace old sword and shield logo (31723)
Bring over PST dialogue selection button (34129)
Make 3 new portraits from "The Road to v2.0 Reward" official to the base game of BG:EE (31484)
[BG] Add <ITEM> token to party gained an item text (33218)
It should be possible to skip all major cutscenes in BG:EE (18424)
There should be a way to avoid Neera's initial encounter (35415)
It should be possible to accept Thalantyr's quest to help Melicamp if you initially decline (36026)
Oublek should not refer to you as his "fine and honest friend" if you did not decline Greywolf's reward (21777)
You should not receive Coran's quest to kill the Wyvern if you have done so already (35258)
Tazok should have a appropriate response if Kivan is in your party (37144)
[Uniforms] Members of the Flaming Fist in the Baldur's Gate campaign should wear consistent uniforms (15946)
Update Bala's Axe description text (strref 21957) (33048)
[Android] Mod archives created with centralfix don't work properly (partial content only) (35976)
[The Black Pits] Sandthief's Ring should have 8 charges (7000)

Bug Fixes

Game should not crash during or after Alt / Tab (35735)
[Multiplayer] Players should be transported back to the hub after battle 12 in the Black Pits campaign (31399)
Party members should not turn on each other during combat (33085)
[Multiplayer] Double clicking to load a save should not disable selection actions in the Character Arbitration screen (24852)
Advanced AI should select new targets when the initial target disappears (33135)
[Multiplayer] Creatures should not spawn outside of Davaeorn's room (9248)
Translation credits for Hungarian, Russian and Ukrainian should show full information when the language is set to Turkish (36621)
[Journal] Re-work "Troubles in the Region" Quest in BG:EE to be Journal Entries instead of Quest (36280)
Done button should not be misplaced on the Character Information screen (36130)
[iOS] [Code] [Multiplayer] Player permissions should work as intended (31717)
Infravision should not trigger in daylight and houses (21436)
[Achievement] [Steam] Lord of Murder achievement should be available when SoD is not installed (26624)
[iOS] Black Pits saves should be exported with the correct file extension (32006)
There should be a default party when a new Black Pits game is started (33634)
Scar should appear outside the FF Barracks even if you don't speak to him on the bridge (31667)
Story Mode should apply to NPCs even with Party AI off (31422)
[AR4300] Colquetle's Family Amulet should not be missing after leaving area for a while (31323)
Varci should not block the area script after his timer expires (36857)
A commoner in Baldur's Gate should not talk as if in Beregost (36769)
Candlekeep Inn rumours should be added to the journal (36647)
Jaheira should not be missing her voice-overs in the tutorial (18661)
Aldeth Sashenstar's betrayal shouldn't bring PC in front of Angelo if PC was already brought in front of Angelo (before revealing Sarevok in the Palace) (32410)
Periapt of Proof Against Poison should grant immunity to poison (23468)
Selling a stack of more than 20 gems should not reduce the selected quantity to 20 (34189)
Priest of Tyr and Tempus should not show as unkitted clerics on the Record and Inventory screens (35489)
Garrick should not get 750 extra XP and two spells when main PC reaches 2000 XP (23742)
Bucklers should have the correct strength requirement (35630)
[Journal] Quest "Poe's Tale of Firewine" should close if conditions are met (36368)
Osmadi should not create himself if you speak to him while he is charmed (35893)
[AR1401] Combat Music should Stop Playing after Combat (35846)
Reputation checks of familiars should be consistent with reputation checks of party members (BG1) (24017)
The Fishermen and the Priestess quest journal entry should not assume the fishermen have been encountered (22846)
Journal entry should not be given until Brage has been killed (21544)
Dart of Fire +1, Dart of Ice +1, and Dart of Acid +1 should look different than Dart +1 (19433)
[Journal] Tazok and The Bandits Header should not be "Tandem in Extremis" (36297
Baeloth should behave correctly at 19+ reputation (2270)
Game should end if Aec'Letec's Death Gaze turns Charname into a ghast (34812)
[Android] Dragging on the colour slider should not stop the music (33733)
Creatures without a name should not show corrupted text when they make a sound (31657)
[Journal] Chapter 2's "Investigate Nashkiel Mines" Quest Should not be left open upon reaching Chapter 3 (35991)
Combat music should not end before the Gorion ambush is over (21391)
Baeloth should not repeat the same dialogue twice (36056)
Rasaad should mention Sorrem's location even if Viconia isn't in the party (36055)
[Journal] Chapter 2's "Troubles in the Region" should be closed by starting Chapter 3 (35992)
[Journal] Completing "Kylee's Dagger" Quest should add all Popup entries to journal (35989)
[Journal] Dorn Il'Khan - A Blackguard's Revenge Quest should close (35987)
[Journal] Xvart Raids Quest should show in Journal (35937)
[Journal] An Offer from Taerom Quest should have quest text (35843)
Minsc should leave with Dynaheir after fighting Dorn (35693)
Neera should interject correctly during Dorn's second romance talk (35668)
Minor Spell Sequencer should have the correct description and description icon (34572)
Multi-class characters should not use the bio of their first-listed class (7249)
[iOS] Selection icon should use consistent on and off states (32835)
Hold' status effect from Aec'Letec attack should not be called 'Paralyze' in combat log (33936)
Blindness on Flaming Fist Mercenaries South of Beregost (33865)
Zombies should use their creature weapons, not their nonlethal fists (33889)
Safana should interject correctly during Dorn's second romance talk (35666)
Minsc should interject correctly during Dorn's first romance talk (35665)
Rasaad should not respond with a player response (35700)
[Tablets] The tutorial should not get stuck after dealing damage to the combat instructor (35923)
Belt during the tutorial should not skip a section about the world map (35664)
Dorn's journal should not mention "going to Nashkel mines" if you have already been (37216)
Inventory ground scrollbar should be present and have a slider (34543)
[AR0502] Tourists should not live through Demon Knight's Attacks on Bhaal Mode (36861)
During Dorn's initial ambush cutscene player characters should not appear at the center of the area (34611)
Selecting a non-English language should result in the game using that language in the games menus (20094)
[Android] Movies should not appear in only one small part of the screen (35480)
Garrick should attack automatically with Advanced AI (23756)
The button for installed DLC should say INSTALLED instead of INSTALLED BUTTON (31388)
Abilities should have description icons (23594)
The Friend of Volo achievement should unlock (23993)
[Android] The buttons to restore the left and side panels should not be invisible (10049)
[Android] Description box on the temple Donate screen should allow tap and drag scrolling (7883)
DisplayStringHeadDead() should function correctly (23772)
[iOS] [Multiplayer] 'Ready to play' box should automatically untick when a new player is assigned to a slot (31360)
[iOS] [Multiplayer] X button should close the player permissions window on client iPad devices (31375)
[iOS] [Multiplayer] Tapping on the multiplayer chat should not create a waypoint for the controlled character (31389)
[iOS] [Multiplayer] Host should be able to start the game regardless of character organization (31467)
[iOS] [Multiplayer] [Code] Player characters should be assignable when there is an empty player slot between the host and the client (31730)
[iOS] [Multiplayer] Game type column should not be blank (31411)
[iOS] User should not be able to access the Customization screen of other player's characters (31413)
[iOS] [Multiplayer] A user with no Player Name should not be able join a multiplayer session (32140)
Landrin's Possessions journal entry should not remain open once completed (30722)
Investigating the Merchant's League quest should not fail to complete (24481)
Edwin should not speak to you about payment If Dynaheir dies for any reason (23428)
Edwin should target both Minsc and Dynaheir when they come to blows (23427)
[Journal] Entry about ogres and madmen should not be missing in the journal (32543)
The Avenger Druid's Baby Wyvern form should match its description (31438)
Wand of Cloudkill description should state the correct saving throw type and penalty (27273)
The Kneecapper +1 description should not state incorrect speed factor (25534)
Asp's Nest +1 poison ability description should include the saving throw (31741)
Bala's Axe Dispel Magic properties should be listed correctly (33063)
Bala's Axe, AX1H07, should match the description (31449)
Captive Audience harp should dominate targets when they fail their save (31378)
Avenger druid baby wyvern should be able to poison with its attack (23385)
Fireball should not display two lines of damage feedback on failed saves (32029)
Listed area of effect for items and spells should be correct (31854)
Yeslick should not start dialogue with you after he leaves the party due to Dorn joining (31715)
Letter that triggers Chapter 4 transition should not disappear if dropped on the ground (31425)
Players should be selected and can move after exiting "group combat tutorial" (31292)
Brief Description for Monk Class and Kits should be correct (30767)
Dialogue with Female Commoner should not give NO VALID REPLIES OR LINKS (30685)
Husam should leave after talking to him for the first time (30684)
Rasaad's dialogue after meeting brother should fire (30637)
The storekeep in Nashkel should not trigger a journal entry each time the party delivers a winter wolf pelt (26052)
[Dorn] You should not have two active Dorn Il-Khan quests in the journal after ambush scene (24491)
Neera should retain her level, equipment and spells if kicked out of the party (23297)
Dorn should retain his level, health total and equipment if kicked out of the party (24281)
The Tale of Captain Brage quest should not remain open if he is returned to the temple (24264)
Charming halfling enforcers should display their charmed dialogue (23515)
[Character Creation] Import does not include a Shaman Pregen Character like BG:SoD Does (20558)
Branwen should not turn back to stone after leaving the area (7613)
Bartender in the Helm and Cloak should open his store for low rep/chr players (23513)
Doors in Gullykin should not shift when you open and close them (23437)
[German] First dream narration should not repeat the last line at the beginning of the narration (8708)
Spirit Form should have the correct name and description (31531)
Burning Hands spell icon should not have a black border (19376)
Max HP should not be enabled by default (30956)
Battle Axe +3 from the Enchanted Weapon spell should have the correct range (34023)
[Journal] Firebead's Scroll Quest should Update after speaking with Tethtoril (35683)
Geltik and Malkax should leave with Zargal when party surrenders and gives up all gold (33507)
[Journal] "Prisoner of the Gnolls" quest should not be added to the journal if Dynaheir has been rescued already (33505)
The guards should not wake you up when resting outside of Candlekeep (21839)
[Windows] Doom Guards in Degrodel's Mansion should deal additional fire damage, not slashing (33736)
Tomes of Wisdom in Durlags Tower should be consistent with other tomes (24680)
(BGEE) Legacy of Bhaal mode should not result in more than one guard interrupting a rest (35671)
Branwen should correctly initiate dialog with Gamaz (21356)
"Time spent with party" should be cumulative throughout the game (7568)
Garrick should always have a biography (30763)


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