Friday, April 6, 2018

Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition 2.5 Beta Update

Attention Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition players! The 2.5 Update Beta for BG:EE has just been updated on Steam and Beamdog to v2.5.15.1! 

Please note that this beta update will temporarily bring the beta version of Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition out of line with Siege of Dragonspear. This will be addressed in a future update.

An update to the beta currently available on Google Play will be coming soon. iOS specific issues will be applied on that platform when the full update is released. 

  • Hungarian is now available to players without Siege of Dragonspear installed.
  • Jaheira should recognize Seniyad during the encounter with Aldeth (35189)
  • There should be a conclusion to the vial of mysterious liquid found in the Nashkel Mines (35148)
  • Kivan should interject when you encounter Tazok at the bandit camp (35147)
  • Branwen should interject when confronting Tranzig in Beregost (35121)
  • Yeslick should confront Rieltar in the Candlekeep Library (35102)
  • You should be able to finish Kagain's caravan quest (35003)
  • Eldoth's special ability should create one stack of five arrows (34652)
  • Shoal the Nereid should not kill Player1 (34275)
  • You should be able to interact with Entar at his estate in NW Baldur's Gate (35176)
Bug Fixes
  • The camera should follow Gorion and charname at the start of the ambush cutscene (33633)
  • Custom party members that have been kicked out of the party should be able to rejoin (33526)
  • Dialogue between Rasaad and Gamaz in OH3100 should be correct (34811)
  • Journal entry should be erased when returning to Joseph's wife (34732)
  • [Journal] A Hidden Base in the Cloakwood quest should not be given after chapter 4 ends (34695)
  • Pregenerated characters should not have a class description in place of their biography (34545)
  • Prism's emeralds should be placed in each eye in the statue he created (34442)
  • Shapeshifter werewolf should use correct weapon icon (34436)
  • [BGEE]Shapeshift abilities "Magic Item" animal paw icons should not be dispelled (34434)
  • Investigating the Nashkel Mines quest should not re-open if you speak to a miner after killing Mulahey (34345)
  • Importing a character should not remove that characters class description when importing further characters (34308)
  • Rededge should accompany Narlen during his thief quests (34303)
  • Camera should follow Garrick and the Protagonist as they walk over to Silke (34209)
  • Mendas should pay an increased reward if he has mentioned doing so (34190)
  • [Android] Paladin Lay on Hands icon should not be missing (34169)
  • Dorn should talk about the death of Kryll even if he was killed before her (34022)
  • Bard song should remove panic visualisation (33905)
  • Dragon Disciple constitution should be correct on import (33813)
  • Chat messages should not appear twice in the dialog box (33809)
  • Commoner near Rasaad should not have nothing to say to you when talked to (33795)
  • [Journal] Important events should never be marked as "finished" (33782)
  • [Journal] "Khalid and Jaheira" and "Xzar and Montaron" quest entries should not be removed upon finishing (33781)
  • The Dispel Magic effect of Bala's Axe, AX1H07, should not be drained when found (33756)
  • Neera should not be able to die in the first encounter in Beregost (33755)
  • The Archer's Called Shot ability should have the correct description icon (33748)
  • Trap spells should go off instantly when they are approached. (33597)
  • [Journal] Entry for Neera's romance should be added to the journal (33510)
  • [Journal] "Tutorial" quest in journal during tutorial should show the entry (33509)
  • [Journal] "Kivan and Tazok" journal entry should appear in journal (33508)
  • [Journal] Quest for Montaron & Xzar wishing to travel to Nashkel should not be permanently open if they are recruited in chapter two (33503)
  • [Journal] Quest for Khalid & Jaheira wishing to travel to Nashkel should not be permanently open if they are recruited in chapter two (33502)
  • [Journal] Journal entries should be correct if you trigger chapter two by going to the Carnival instead of Nashkel (33498)
  • The save buttons should not be cut off (33497)
  • Turning off story mode should not give the "Godlike" achievement (32773)
  • Number of inventory slots in loot window should not be higher than actual number of inventory slots (32603)
  • Character portraits should appear correctly on save files (32601)
  • Modifiers from equipped items should not affect base THAC0 on Record Information screen (32572)
  • [iOS] Tapping on the Area Map UI should not move the area selection cursor (31981)
  • Branwen's name should not be displayed as "Statue" after she is rescued (31427)
  • Priest of Tyr, Exaltation should remove and prevent intoxication (31408)
  • [iOS] Message box for being unable to save and associated interactive button graphics should not be cut off (31311)
  • THUNDER3.WAV should not be corrupt and crash the game (31264)
  • Journal entry for rescuing Neera should be posted to the journal (25271)
  • Health bars over creature avatars should always appear during combat (24163)
  • [TBP] The correct title screen should show after party death (23990)
  • [Rasaad] You should get an entry in the journal after recruiting Rasaad (23976)
  • [Rasaad] Sorrem should teleport with the party (23975)
  • [BP] Melee characters should not show fists equipped on the Game screen (23818)
  • Empty spaces should not be shown when opening container with full inventory (23755)
  • There should not be a console error when un-memorizing mage spell (23754)
  • Containers in shops should not be greyed out (23735)
  • Cancel button on Quit Game dialogue should always work (23650)
  • [Multiplayer] Skipping Gorion's death should not see client characters left near Gorion (23391)
  • Characters should only level up when they have sufficient experience to do so (21371)
  • Shaman should not indicate boredom during dance (21287)
  • Export of character should be successful when overwriting an existing character file (11066)
  • Fist icon should not be larger than the item slot (6116)
  • Sparring dummies should not move when bumped (34329)
  • [Console] Remove areas that are not usable from the console list (34193)
  • Feldepost Inn Cook's dialogue should appear in a regular full chat window instead only appearing in the small combat log window (33844)
  • Diggers in archaeological site should not have their dialogues exhausted (33628)
  • The donation amount should be correctly aligned on the temple donation screen (31373)
  • Loading a save should not produce a double click action (31124)
  • Bounty Hunter should display Set Traps skill bonus on the Skills screen during character creation (2015)
  • Drinking a Vial of Mysterious Liquid should indicate constitution has been permanently reduced (34431)
  • Greenstone Amulet removes Kiel's helmet's protection for morale failure (34489)
  • Pixie Dust's description should be accurate (34506)
  • COMPS01.item (NPC undroppable Bastard Sword) can break from Iron Crisis but inventory weapon still drops (34512)
  • Enemy Mages should not cast spells while under the effect of Horror (34607)
  • Nahal's Reckless Dweomer should not work with sequencers (34637)
  • [Journal] Journal entry after Dorn is kicked out of party should be added to the journal (34648)
  • [Journal] Entry for Neera's romance should be added to the journal (34649)
  • Items such as Goodberry should not show two charge numbers (34696)
  • Vultures should not produce invalid strings when string references are enabled (34719)
  • [Multiplayer] Client camera should not show the same area of every map whenever the game is loaded (34727)
  • Journal entries about Nashkel mines should not be given in chapter 3 or later (34733)
  • [Multiplayer] Selected Client-controlled characters shouldn't teleport in Gullykin when host-controlled characters go out of the buildings (34880)
  • Charming the Flaming Fist Mercenary during Narlen's First Test should not cause you to fail the quest (35216)
  • Chapter 4 should not fail to trigger (35269)
  • Bottle of Wine shouldn't be dropped to the ground in Durlag's Tower (35284)
  • [Multiplayer] Gamaz should not lose his lines if the game is reloaded (35292)
  • Killing Silke shouldn't prevent Garrick from speaking to you (35351)
  • You should be able to tell Safana that you already cleared the cave when you first meet her (35352)
  • Mayor of Nashkel should recognize that you have cleared the mines (35357)
  • "A Ring for a Lady" should not be removed from the journal when it is completed (35372)
  • [Multiplayer] Imoen should not fail to join the party after Gorion's death (23390)
  • [Load Saved Game] Halen's Portrait should not be out of place in the "Prologue Start" saved game (23210)
  • [iOS] Final Game Export / Import from BG1 to SoD should work on iOS (35918)
  • Game should not freeze when starting the first combat of Black Pits Tier 3 (35891)
  • Zoom should work after defeating Sarevok at the Coronation (36113)
  • Rasaad should respond correctly (35663)
  • Kivan and Edwin should correctly interject when Dorn speaks (35647)
  • Soultaker Dagger should be marked as plot critical (35533)
  • Bounty Hunter's special snares should be throwable (33906)
  • Additional VO should play in French (23567)
  • Neera should not respond incorrectly during her second romance talk (35646)
  • Neera should not respond incorrectly (35644)
  • Narlen should give the correct journal entry (35637)
  • Kent should give the correct journal (35636)
  • Journal entry about ogres and madmen should only be given once (35236)
  • Reevor should say a voiced "By Moradin's hammer" if you speak to him after his quest has ended (35217)
  • Descriptions for Protection From Evil should match the spells (34911)
  • [Non-English] String 0 should be blank (23870)
  • Arcane Conjure Air Elemental Spell should not produce incorrect summons (17107)
  • Minsc and Edwin should not give the quest to save Dynaheir if you have already saved her (35380)
  • Talking with Commoners near Rasaad should play audio cues (33796)
  • You should not be able to leave the Dual Class proficiency screen until proficiency points are all spent (33765)
  • CADER09.WAV should play correctly (31265)
  • Elven Chain Mail should have the correct unidentified name (35783)
  • Certain scrolls should be named "Letter" (36006)
  • The item Gong Mallet should have a more accurate ground item (36058)
  • (BGEE) Spell descriptions should be accurate about targeting only allies/enemies (35454)
  • Infinity Engine improvements
  • Allow players to use the Priest of Tempus kit (34940)
  • Phase spiders summoned by Spider Spawn should not randomly teleport to the party (34445)
  • Importing same character file into party should not make class synopsis disappear (33817)
  • Picking up a potion should not trigger a THAC0 change in the inventory screen (32600)
  • Spells in the spell page list should be selectable after switching page (30928)
  • Bard song range should affect party members to at least a visual range (30768)
  • Only items which provide fire AND cold resistance should use the Resist Fire/Cold portrait icon (34486)
  • It should be possible to back out of character generation after cancelling an import (35790)
  • [iOS] [Multiplayer] Title should not crash on iPad 2 after 2 hours of continuous gameplay (31390)
  • The bmp renderer should not have a heavy memory leak (34868)
  • Game should not freeze when changing sound settings (34540)
  • Map scrolling should work in cutscenes (34429)
  • [Android] Set Snare ability should not have a blank icon (34171)
  • Scripts should be cached after load (34020)
  • Direct Connection' should not attempt to connect to a game session when an invalid IP is entered (33882)
  • Upgrade zlib to 1.2.11 (latest) (30061)
  • Add splprot type for current hp (34867)
  • Canceling quit game confirmation twice should not give a black screen (34710)
  • Selection cursor should always be shown when over Quickloot items (34581)
  • SCHOOLTOKEN or divination should not appear in information message when selecting wild mage spells (34198)
  • [Multiplayer] Unaffordable items shouldn't remain greyed out if you sell enough items to purchase them (34105)
  • [Port from PSTEE] Actions responsible for setting zoom level (34074)
  • [Port from PSTEE] Actions that would make adjusting cutscenes to work with different framerates easier (34073)
  • [Port from PSTEE] Increasing global variable only once (34072)
  • [Port from PSTEE] Setting and checking BITs (34071)
  • [Port from PSTEE] Implement LUA GUI command that can be used to check in-game variable (34070)
  • [Character Creation UI] Shaman class should be sorted with the rest of the single class options (33753)
  • The Sleep portrait icon should work when caused by weapons (33646)
  • Font size should be the same in dialogue and in the message window (33615)
  • It should not be possible to assign the Escape key in Assign Keys (33614)
  • Items which stun should provide full feedback (33604)
  • The quit game confirmation should always appear if More Confirmation Prompts are activated (33379)
  • [iOS] Import suffixes such as BG2CHARACTER should be case-insensitive (33128)
  • Auto-pause on "Enemy Sighted" should trigger on all appropriate occasions (32613)
  • [iOS] Interactive text should not be truncated in the dialogue window (32503)
  • [Multiplayer] Area should not appear with the debug name in the character arbitration screen (31368)
  • Table "mageBookStrings" should be editable through a M_*.lua file (31244)
  • Ctrl-M should display the target's Luck value (31239)
  • Screenshots should be taken in the PNG format (31237)
  • Main screen UI elements should not be displayed on top of the inventory screen (30624)
  • Wand of Lightning should allow save for half damage (30165)
  • Add "Take All" button to containers (29868)
  • A disabled off-hand weapon should not make the main-hand THAC0 bonus appear twice (24855)
  • Protection from Evil should not result in a blank fighting style proficiency (24405)
  • Levels of bonus priest spells in the character record should not be missing (24261)
  • It should be possible to disable tooltips (24170)
  • Tooltip for the quick loot button should not be missing (24137)
  • "More Confirmation Prompts" option should work when removing memorized spells (23968)
  • Map notes should not change strings (23737)
  • Character record page should not show both "Strength Modification" and "Strength Extra Modification" (23634)
  • (UI Strings) Play button in the Customize Sound panel should use the right string (23387)
  • Dying in Black Pits should return to the Black Pits menu (21202)
  • [Multiplayer] Pressing Enter on the gameplay screen should activate the chat window (4079)
  • Ranger's Charm Animal ability should use the appropriate icon (34086)
  • Screenshot function should work in Save Screen (34085)
  • Story Mode should prevent the death of familiars (33620)
  • Sounds for Miscast Magic should have the same saves as the rest of the spell (33471)
  • Empty quickspell slots should not show I as their hotkey (31247)
  • [Multiplayer] Client characters should not benefit twice when items are removed and re-equipped (21071)
  • [Multiplayer] Importing a character should import its statistics when the Import Character Rules option is set to "Statistics" (23904)
  • Log history button should state what it does when the cursor is put over it (24136)
  • Half-Elves or Elves using charm protection should not be charmed (25353)
  • Animation INI middle-column sounds should be played (30176)
  • Assigned keys should function at once (33645)
  • Stealth button of thieves and rangers should not remain active after picking up items via quickloot bar (34276)
  • [Multiplayer] Host should not appear to be able to adjust spells for characters they do not control (34330)
  • Direct Connection should not produce error messages in command prompt (34401)
  • [Multiplayer] [Tablet] Dialogue buttons should be disabled for players who are not controlling dialogue (34517)
  • [Tablet] Portraits should only be removed from the right sidebar if there are more dialogue responses than will fit on the left sidebar (34518)
  • [Multiplayer] [Tablet] On screen keyboard should not appear at character arbitration unless the multiplayer chat window is selected by the player (34521)
  • Characters under Berserk should not lose real HPs if they rest/travel while Berserkering (34610)
  • [Multiplayer] Clients should be able to re-equip items such as the ring of wizardry after they remove them (34618)
  • (spell) [BG:EE] Sunfire should function; [BG:EE/BG2:EE] spell should be standardized throughout all IE games (35296)
  • Items using icons in BAM V2 format should not be cropped to fit into inventory or toolbar slots (24789)
  • Double clicking where 'Quick Loot' arrow normally is should not move camera to the NW corner of the map (22887)
  • [Regression] You should not get excessive "Target Gone" messages upon ending combat with multiple party members (31293)
  • [Focus Test] Turning on Story Mode should also turn on Quick Loot and Reveal Details (33421)
  • drop a pop up when a file/directory is not writable (23733)
  • [Map UI] Should be able to select Black as a Valid Color for Marker Creation (23212)
  • [Multiplayer] Client icons and effects should not remain when items that granted them are removed after a save (34515)
  • [Android] Enable Family Library for purchases made before July 2, 2016 (34033)
  • [Android] BG:EE saves should be importable to BGII:EE or SoD (34095)
  • [Linux] Home directory permissions should not be reset whenever a save is made (24671)
  • [Tablet] All color choices should be available for selection via sliders (34542)
  • [Android] Double tapping a save should load that save (24057)
  • [Android] Keyboard should hide after a named save is made (24056)
  • [Android] Double tapping store items should open a quantity box (24054)
  • There should be an sound effects/animation when adding/removing spells (19512)
  • English font should not turn to boxes after setting the language to Russian or Ukrainian (30955)
  • All language names should be in English (22128)
  • Double Tapping Arrow key then pressing a button should not make map scrolling get stuck in one direction (22845)
  • Right clicking buttons in the multiplayer lobby should not leave them in a depressed state (35836)
  • Icons should not be present on portraits if the character is dead (35283)
  • Cleric alignment restrictions should be written consistently (34078)
  • Standalone credits screen should not mention Baldur's Gate (34980)


  1. Awesome! Thank you for your hard work.

  2. The Mac App Store version of BG:EE is still at 1.3.x. - when can we expect an update?

  3. Where/how do I download this content to my steam version of BG EE?

  4. Cannot start 'Siege of Dragonspear' anymore, menu dissapear

  5. Cannot start 'Siege of Dragonspear' anymore, menu dissapear

  6. Will the 2.5 update for BG:EE add in Story Mode?

    1. I've beta-tested the 2.5 updates for BGEE, and can safely say... YES! I've been playing on Story Mode, and can definitely say that it is an enjoyable experience for new-comers unfamiliar with classic Second (Third?) Edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons mechanics and formulae! You will be most pleased with the results! Enjoy! :)

  7. ADD Polish language to BG:EE II !!!!!

  8. I just bought the 2.367.3 Baldur's Gate version at GOG. Do I have access to the 2.5 Beta? When it is complete do we get a free upgrade or do we have to buy the game from Beamdog?

  9. I just bought the version of Baldur's Gate EE. Do I get access to the 2.5 Beta? And access to the completed 2.5 Beta when it is released?

    Do we need to buy the game again at Beamdog to get the 2.5?

  10. When is this update going to come to GOG?

  11. When!!!??? I see iwd and bg2 have it. I'm wanting to finally do multiplayer from the start using EET. Arrrrgh

  12. Can we also count on the Portuguese translation of Brazil?

  13. There's a bug with Dorn. He can't move in one direction for more than one second.

  14. Since the mig-august update, our multiplayer game has had issues where the client player keeps dropping from the game. Is anyone else dealing with this?