Thursday, May 10, 2018

Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition 2.5 Beta Update

Watch out Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition 2.5 beta players, a beta update is headed your way!

Over the last few months, we’ve made over 300 fixes and features throughout the 2.5 Infinity Engine updates. And now, we’re adding a number of asked for language and V/O updates!

New Localization:
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Korean
  • Russian
  • Polish

New V/O:
  • German
  • Italian
  • Polish

Top features:
  • Road to 2.0 community portraits added
  • Tablet dialogue buttons added
  • Added the Priest of Tempus kit
  • "Take All" button added to containers
  • Hexxat is now able to survive the final Throne of Bhaal encounter
  • Improved multiplayer stability
  • Importing a ranger allows the selection of a Racial Enemy
  • Tenser's Transformation no longer disables innate spells

There is now an OHFIXTTYR player AI script that can be used by players to fix their existing BG:EE/SoD Priest of Tyr characters to the new kit value. Existing priests of Tyr can continue through the game without issue; when they're ready to export their character they can simply assign this script and press 'D'. A 'Priest of Tyr' bit of floating text should pop up and they'll be granted some special abilities (Chaos of Battle and Holy Power). Despite being the correct kit value, their class in BG:EE/SoD will be listed as 'cleric' instead of 'Priest of Tyr', hence why we recommend doing this only before export.

The 2.5 update beta is only available on Steam, Beamdog, and Google Play. Find out how to opt into the 2.5 beta here and let us know your experiences in the Beamdog forums.

When the 2.5 update is finished, we’ll be rolling it out across all platforms and stores. Watch out for more news on our social channels about updates to our other Enhanced Edition titles.

Here’s the full list of bug fixes and features (please, note that this list does not cover the general Infinity Engine tickets, these will be published when the 2.5 patch series is completed)!

[German] Integrate the localized voice-overs from the original BG2 (35767)
[German] Integrate the localized player soundsets from the original BG2 (35839)
[German] Integrate the localized movies from the original BG2 (35909)
Include Italian VO (35459)
Include Polish text & VO (35457)
BG2 Polish Language in 2.5 (31222)
BG2 Russian Language in 2.5 (31221)
Include Korean text (35458)
Include Simplified Chinese text (35473)
Allow players to use the Priest of Tempus kit (34940)
Add "Take All" button to containers (29868)
Bring over PST dialogue selection button (34131)
Alter PST dialog selection button to match BG2EE UI style (34132)
Restore several party banters (32059)
Make 3 new portraits from "The Road to v2.0 Reward" official to the base game of BG2:EE (31485)
All language names should be displayed alphabetically in English (12399)
Bug Fixes
[Linux] Game should not crash after gender selection on Character Generation screen (34794)
[iOS] [Multiplayer] Title should not hang after final cinematic of the Throne of Bhaal campaign (34860)
Items should not be missing their art in the description (23732)
[ToB] It should be possible to generate all Specialist Mage schools (21849)
[Multiplayer] Loading saves should not introduce extra in-transit creatures (15982)
[iOS] [UI] Multiplayer lobbies should not disappear after inputting the incorrect password (33711)
[Android] Restore Purchases button should work (34396)
Broken dike event at the de'Arnise Keep should not have NVLOR and have correct farmer responses (33871)
You should be able to pan down and right by moving the cursor down and right on a high resolution display (10496)
[ToB] [Hexxat] Hexxat should be able to survive the final encounter with Melissan (33762)
Custom party members should stay where they are and have a dialogue option to continue staying there when they are dismissed (33716)
Add tool for players to fix kitted Tyr priests (34942)
[Android] Water tiles should be coloured correctly and animating (35054)
Importing a ranger should allow the selection of a Racial Enemy (16297)
Aerie's transformation from Ogre to normal paper doll should not be possible to interrupt (34400)
Critical hit by bear spirit should not make the "Stunned" message appear twice (34775)
[iOS] Scrolls initially in the "Bag of Holding" should have a proper item count (31872)
[iOS] Cutscene for confronting Balthazar should trigger properly at all times (31855)
[Multiplayer] Phreya's dialogue should not play multiple times during Hexxat's Request in ToB (31830)
[iOS] [UI] Tooltips should display over the message box (31732)
Potion of magic blocking should give immunity to level 5 spells for 5 rounds (36591)
Reveal Details labels should be uniform in size when the zoom on the screen is changed (33857)
Phase spiders summoned by Spider Spawn should not randomly teleport to the party (34445)
[Translations] Male and Female Heckler should not share Name and Tooltip (34238)
Paralytic Bolt should have the correct saving throw type (34207)
Viconia's interjection should not be skipped (33991)
Jan should only mention Valygar's body if Valygar is dead (33989)
Dialogues should not end on player replies (33987)
Bodhi should have a few more lines (33983)
Terrece should not initiate dialogue when teleporting for battle (33980)
You should not receive the 'Talos is well served' journal entry as you get kicked out (33978)
Demin should not have identical questions in consecutive states (33949)
Quallo should answer questions correctly (33947)
Unseeing Eye should have more prophets (33928)
Tassa and Pelanna should have more interplay (33904)
Palern Flynn should always set his journal entry (33903)
Teos shouldn't talk about Imoen if he doesn't know about her (33896)
Anath should not agree to meet the party if the party refuses (33885)
Parties saving Glaicus after Torgal's death should still get the Flail of Ages head (33872)
Delcia should always leave (33869)
Jaheira should not repeat dialogues (33868)
Jaheira should also mention mages in Ployer's quest (33867)
Haer'Dalis should recognize if Raelis has the portal gem (33854)
Minor characters should be available (33840)
Fanatic should use his unique dialogue (33835)
Delon should use a more appropriate stringhead (33834)
Importing same character file into party should not make class synopsis disappear (33817)
Spell protection EnemyAlly should work as expected (33760)
The Archer's Called Shot ability should have the correct description icon (33749)
Chain Lightning from Kazrah's Shield +4 should not display two lines of damage feedback (33698)
Staking Lassal should not use your entire inventory of wooden stakes (33657)
The weight of the paralytic bolts that the Sahuagin use should be consistent with other bolts in the game, i.e. they should weight 0 (33655)
[TBP2] Overhead text should not disappear before you have time to read it in cutscene with Tartle and Brodle (33617)
Terl should not spawn in random encounter areas, nor during combat (33602)
Hardiness duration should be correct at lower levels (33456)
Number of inventory slots in loot window should not be higher than actual number of inventory slots (32604)
Character portraits should appear correctly on save files (32602)
Picking up a potion should not trigger a THAC0 change in the inventory screen (32600)
Modifiers from equipped items should not affect base THAC0 on Record Information screen (32529)
Haer'Dalis should explain more about the conduit summoning (32389)
You should be able to report progress correctly to Nallabir/Oisig/Arval during the Unseeing Eye quest (32330)
[iOS] Tapping on the Area Map UI should not move the area selection cursor (31980)
[iOS] Text should not overlap journal update message box in Watcher's Keep (31944)
[UI] The wrong string should not be shown when dispelling a contingency (31913)
We need an 'ignore legacy of bhaal' flag in rest/random encounters (31858)
Periapt of Proof Against Poison should grant immunity to poison (31688)
The line "You could call me Fil, I suppose. Bit dull, though." from Fil should have VO (31455)
The Avenger Druid's Baby Wyvern form should match its description (31435)
Priest of Tyr, Acclamation should remove and prevent intoxication (31409)
Spells in the spell page list should be selectable after switching page (30928)
It should be possible to defeat Lasaonar with summoned creatures in the duel (30814)
Bard song range should affect party members to at least a visual range (30768)
Statues in Trademeet should not move during cutscene with Rasaad (23413)
Enchanted Weapon's status icon should not use the Dire Charm icon (21850)
YANNER DLC portraits should be available (21579)
Area list in console should show BG2 areas (18476)
Biography text should not show when swapping armour mid combat (11129)
Actions taken when the game is paused should show on the character portrait (11113)
Priest of Tyr special ability should be called Exaltation instead of Acclamation (32785)
Advanced AI should not be a bad penny (34488)
Ti'Vael's head should not be obtainable via pickpocket (35271)
[ToB] Journal update about Pocket Plane should be produced after speaking to Sarevok (35512)
[ToB] Journal should not contain SoA journal update (35511)
Turning off Story Mode should not give the Godlike achievement (34646)
Bounty Hunter should display Set Traps skill bonus on the Skills screen during character creation (35438)
Descriptions for Protection From Evil should match the spells (34913)
The Save buttons should not be cut off (34647)
Paralytic Bolt stun duration and description should match (34208)
[Multiplayer] [ToB] Load hotkey should not load SoA saves when in the ToB campaign (34728)
The Captive Audience feedback should match the description (33288)
[ToB] [Journal] Sarevok in Hell journal entry should have text and should not be a quest (35602)
[ToB] Players should not get stuck in the Shadow Plane if Rasaad is alive but not in the Shadow Plane (33669)
[Android] There should be no artifacts in the Underdark water (23838)
Minsc (MINSC14) and Hexxat (OHHEX25) should be unaffected by Legacy of Bhaal mode (35656)
Remove Curse should cause the Thralls to go neutral and not attack you (35209)
Combat music should end after fight with Lasaonar (34577)
Spell Sequencers should have the correct description and description icons (34571)
Spell Immunity cast in a sequence should not allow infinite castings (34239)
You should not be able to leave the Dual Class proficiency screen until proficiency points are all spent (33764)
[iOS] Item descriptions should be available in the Quickloot, body pile and container (32033)
Berserkers should not lose real HPs if they travel or rest while enraged (35433)
Hexxat's portrait should not be in low resolution (35653)
Adalon's drow form illusion should change character colors (23051)
Zombies should use their creature weapons, not their nonlethal fists (33891)
The description and duration of False Dawn should be consistent (23177)
Legacy of Bhaal mode should not result in more than one guard interrupting a rest (24853)
[SoA] Non quest journal updates should be shown in the journal (22993)
Dialogue between Hexxat and Bodhi should be correct (34984)
Shaman boar spirit should have sounds (34412)
Quest 'Freeing the djinni' should award the players an item (31948)
Jaheira and Minsc's portraits in ToB should not be low resolution (31863)
Item "Circlet of Lost Souls" should have an accurate description (23995)
Pick up any scroll item from inventory screen should display a rolled scroll animation (22514)
Male and Female Diseased One/Diseased Child should have a different Name and Tooltip (34798)
Male and female commoners and peasants should use different name and tooltip strings (11794)
Drow Adamantine Chain +5 armor class modifiers and description should match (25531)
Orientation of the Done and Cancel buttons should not be inverted on the item ability screen (32080)
Critical hit by bear spirit should not make the "Stunned" message appear twice (34775)
Neb's Nasty Cutter +2 description should include the strength requirement (31710)
Handmaiden's Mace description should include the strength requirement (31754)
Harp of Discord description should state the correct duration for the Confusion ability (32413)
Azlaer's Harp description should include the number of charges per day (32415)
The Brass Blade +5 should have a speed factor of 3 (25638)
Potion of Power should increase Hide In Shadows by 20% (25629)
The Kneecapper +1 should have a speed factor of 3 (25535)
[ToB] Pools at the oasis should not have lines in them (34734)
"Sarevok in Hell" journal entries should not be posted as quests (36154)
Chapters should have consistent labels in the journal (22066)
[Journal] "Investigate Activities in the Copper Coronet's Rooms" should update and close (32749)
[AR3024] Background tiles should not be darker than the surrounding area (24169)
Tiles in Firkraag's lair should not be considerably darker than surrounding tiles (23725)
[iOS] Game should not close if Boo is selected from the inventory screen (11892)
[Multiplayer] Game should not freeze when dream1 is skipped (23011)
[iOS] [Multiplayer] Corrupted text should not display when fighting Duergar in Irenicus' dungeon (31502)
[iOS] [Multiplayer] An unresponsive screen should not occur when the host attempt to start the game while one of the client deletes his character (32164)
[iOS] There should be no delay to access the container next to the Apprentice's body in Watcher's Keep (31945)
[iOS][Multiplayer] Character name highlighting is inconsistent when importing a character from the character file (31554)
[All] The 'Reveal Details' toggle should not deactivate every time a player returns to game from 'Character Arbitration' (33881)
Tenser's Transformation should not disable innate spells (34236)
[iOS] Selection icon should use consistent on and off states (32834)
[Tablet] Throne of Bhaal ending movie should play (12401)
[iOS] Thief skills should not be truncated to two digits with largest font size (31500)
de'Arnise guards should use their unique dialogues (33837)
Gnomes shouldn't use halfling animations (33836)
Magical items should be flagged correctly (33580)
Female shopkeepers should not use male soundsets (33543)
Import Game screen should not have a title of Load (33415)
Imoen should not have 5 less points in Move Silently than she had in BG:EE (32657)
Gereth should not imply rudeness at a polite reply from player (32384)
Gaelan should not have the gold he gave to Aran Linvail on his person (32383)
Delcia should be even more pleasant and lovely (32380)
Beggar should respond appropriately to threats (32379)
Daleson should consistently reply when asked about Nalia (32344)
Viconia should have an additional line about Lolth in her lovetalk (32336)
Viconia should speak about more of her former husbands (32335)
Nalia should have extra line in Mazzy banter (32334)
You should not be able to ask Stormherald Nallabir about Imoen/Spellhold in chapter 6 (32329)
Bernard should respond correctly when Jaheira is mentioned (32326)
Anomen should use his final lovetalk line of dialogue (32067)
Resting with Anomen should trigger the correct banter (32062)
Dawnbringer Alvanna should have a proper response to "Excuse me, I'll be on my way" (32055)
Avengers should get access to Improved Invisibiity at the correct level (32050)
Loading a save should not produce a double click action (31896)
[iOS] All pools within the Throne of Bhaal area should have UI indicators (31810)
[iOS] [UI] All pools within Abazigal's Lair should have an UI indicator (31776)
[iOS] [UI] Brazier containing Yaga-Shura's heart should have an UI indicator (31773)
Frennedan should not do nonlethal damage (31753)
Black Pits 2 introduction and Resting Outside movie should appear in the Movies list (11077)
[Debug Menu] Game should not crash if copy and paste commands are used (23566)
VO should play for line from Gaelan Bayle (32094)
Only items which provide fire AND cold resistance should use the Resist Fire/Cold portrait icon (34486)
An imprisoned familiar's death should not need a rest to register (34246)
The script ohbwing.bcs should not have an invalid item reference (34194)
Ixilthetocal should know his chosen (33986)
Count Claylan should have an additional line (33982)
Fearghus should have an extra line of exposition (33981)
Morsa should offer her opinion on her first talk (33948)
Sarles should respond correctly to you (33932)
Mazzy should clear journal entries (33888)
Olma should recognize the new lord of the manor (33874)
Tolmas should have an appropriate reply (33873)
Refusing to help Hendak should always set journal entries (33855)
(WAND12.itm) Wand of Wonder should have a chance to cast fireball (36150)
A high reputation, high charisma character should not be able to buy and sell to Carras to make unlimited money (35175)
[iOS] Blank journal quests for chapters 3 4 and 7 should not be present (31770)
[ToB] Blank journal entries should not be present after completing story quests in chapter 8 (31772)
Divine Favor should have a description icon (34579)
Journal should properly update after finishing Garren Windspear's questline (31767)
Tiax should use gnome animation (35676)
Spell descriptions should be accurate about targeting only allies/enemies (35455)
Elven Chainmail and Malla's Soul Stone should have correct unidentified name (35675)
Jaheira's romance talk should be free of grammatical errors (34468)
Male and Female Beggar Children should not share Name and Tooltip (32654)
Priest and Priestess of Ilmater should not use the same string (32653)


  1. Still hoping to see you restore the higher quality soundsets to the enhanced edition NPCs. Until then I rely on a mod.

  2. I've been testing new update for BG II for android and Polish localization works flawlessly however there are no Polish voices for main character. It feels weird when NPC tank in Polish and my main character in English. Are you planning to add Polish voices in character creation?

  3. I've been testing new update for BG II for android and I'm very happy with Polish localization works perfectly however there are no Polish voices for main character. It feels weird when NPCs talk in Polish and my main character in English. Are you planning to add Polish voices in character creation?

  4. It's been 6 months waiting for the 2.5 update. If you guys aren't going to finish it can you just release this officially and call it good enough? Thanks.

  5. Finally, simplified Chinese is supported. Could you also support the traditional chinese?

  6. It seems 2.5 patch breaks the dialog font in ru_RU localization. Sad :(