Friday, February 9, 2018

Farewell to Dave!

A portrait of the artist at work.
Today, Beamdog bids farewell to our Creative Director, David Gaider.

Dave came to Beamdog during interesting times. Since then, he has been teacher, mentor, and friend to many on the team. We’ve seen Dave conjure new worlds we’d love to play in, and spin stories in places already close to our hearts. Someday we will share the fruits of his labour!

Most lasting, Dave has built a creative team that will shape the stories Beamdog tells in the years to come. He has freely shared his incredible wealth of storytelling and narrative design experience with the developers, designers, and artists around him. We’ve all learned a lot from Dave and we hope he picked up a trick or two from us as well.

As fans of Dragon Age, KoTOR, Baldur’s Gate, and many of the other incredible worlds Dave has helped create, we’re excited to find out what’s next (come on, give us a clue Dave!) be it a new game, novel, or whatever else it is you choose to create.

We’ll certainly miss your lunchtime stories. Best of luck Dave!


  1. So sad to see Dave go. Truly, he has written some of the best video-game stories ever created, and I've played most of the ones specifically mentioned in this blog-post (Dragon Age and Baldur's Gate (Enhanced Edition, not the original; I was much too young (only three years old at the time; I'm 22 now) to play BG when it first came out in '98); I've yet to play Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, though I'm sure I'll try it eventually). Best of Luck at your new job, Dave! Try to roll for a 19! :-D

  2. So in an attempt to solve their biggest weakness as game developers, Beamdog hired one of the most reliable RPG storytellers in the industry, and over the following two years used him for exactly nothing that they put out.

    Sounds about right for Beamdog. Y'all are just hopeless at this point.