Friday, February 2, 2018

NWN:EE Head Start Patch Notes v74.8156

Step by step, Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition marches closer to Steam!

Patch 8156 brings a few asked-for features and a little experimental code to NWN:EE. All the feedback and bug reports submitted by Head Start players has really helped move things along. Keep up the good work!

Two multiplayer bugs have been introduced and will only affect players for a short time.

Normally servers you cannot connect to due to version differences would be grayed out in the server list browser. This is not currently the case.

Also, all servers are shown as PVP even if they are not. This will not affect whether a server is PVP or not.

Both of these issues will be fixed early next week.


  • Fixed a divide-by-zero when modding restduration.2da to very short durations.
  • Another OpenMP3-related crash fix when playing some stereo custom content music.
  • Another shadow edges-related fix that resulted in visual corruption.
  • Anti-aliasing now works again, after a previous fix accidentally disabled it.
  • Reading PLTs could sometime result in garbled icons or crashing the game when the item in question is area-placed or loaded from a savegame. This has been fixed.
  • Yet another crash with duplicated inventories in CopyArea() was fixed.


Main menu music is now configurable in nwn.ini:
New nwn.ini options

[Sound Options]
  • By popular request, the main menu music now defaults to the original NWN theme and can now be changed. Try some of the following:
    mus_theme_main (Original Campaign main theme)
    mus_x2theme (HotU main theme)
    mus_dd_witchwake (Witch's Wake main theme)
    mus_wc_theme (Wyvern Crown of Cormyr main theme)
    Other bmu files in your install dir/data/mus/
  • The SSAO shader has been improved and re-enabled. Thanks to Zarathustra217  for the help!
Ambient occlusion shader off
Ambient occlusion shader on. Notice the shadows in nooks and corners? Subtle, but effective!

  • Added support for skinmeshes on armour parts. This feature is still in early stages and may have some issues. Be sure to submit any bugs you run into!
  • Included experimental code for supporting normal and specular maps.
  • The server list is now retrieved via json when opening the multiplayer UI, instead of enumerating in the game itself. This allows us to list otherwise unreachable servers.
  • For unreachable servers, we’re attempting a NAT punch. This will work for the majority of consumer routers. We plan to plan to address remaining NAT types in future patches.
  • Preliminary support for Steam friends lists.

New Script Commands

  • int GetSurfaceMaterial(location at);
    // Get the surface material at the given location. (This is equivalent to the walkmesh type).
    // Returns 0 if the location is invalid or has no surface type.
  • float GetGroundHeight(location at);
    // Returns the z-offset at which the walkmesh is at the given location.
    // Returns -6.0 for invalid locations.


  1. Punching holes through firewalls is an amazing move forward - previous to 74.8156 I could not run (to the internet) a test server since my router will ONLY allow ports open to one machine. I have run/posted to GameSpy a test server from by laptop while the main server remains up and running - no problems. Like I said - This IS an amazing step forward.

  2. When will we see some love for the linuxusers amongst us? Music isn't working and there are some tickets on Redmine reporting this which seem to be ignored. Also getting fullscreen back in would be a good thing.

  3. Absolutely love what you guys are doing for NWN, and I hope you sell a zillion copies for all your hard work.

  4. "Included experimental code for supporting normal and specular maps" Wat.

  5. Thank you guys so much for this. I tried to support best as I can by getting both copies of the EE (normal + DD). You are all doing great work. <3