Thursday, December 21, 2017

NWN:EE Head Start Patch Notes v74.8153

The last Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition Head Start update of the year is here!

As the Trello boards ramp up with community suggested features and fixes, the development team has been hard at work getting some much needed tech debt out of the way.

In this update you will see the following fixes:

  • OpenMP3: a fix for errors where playback would stutter on some files.
  • (SoU campaign) Fixed Dorna disappearing when dying, instead of going prone asking for help
  • Bink and miles libraries have been removed completely from the game download
  • A whole host of master server improvements & security updates
  • [Regression] Escape in the chat bar now cancels text input again instead of emitting an em dash.
  • [Regression] OpenAL: Another memleak fix.
Tune in tomorrow on Twitch at 10:00AM PST/11:00AM MST for the Beamdog Livestream! We're going to be hitting up a Persistent World server - you'll be able to roleplay-scream at Phillip Daigle live on the internet!


  1. Hello. I'm a long time player in Arelith and I've read your patch notes somewhere. However, I did not see anything mentioned about some common bugs that gave us the hells since 1.69:

    1. Whierlwind bug that causes the character to be unable to attack normally after using this feat, sometimes, at random.
    2. Darkness (friendly cast) makes the entire screen go black, in or out of the AOE of the spell.
    3. Ultravision spell, on expiration, leaves you blind and all others around you are invisible to you untill reset or relogging.

    There are more. many more. With all respect to your desired direction of development, it would be a real shame to see a new version of nwn goes live after all these years but the bugs stay. Thank you.

    1. NWNEE is a long way from release, and I have every confidence that it will be an almost-bug-free adventure at the end of beta-testing (i.e. all the major bugs will be gone; minor issues always remain). With so many fixes, tweaks, and fan-requests already implemented, it's also likely that there was something they forgot. You can always create a free account on the official forums and put up a request on the Trello Board (unfortunately, forum accounts on Beamdog are handled separately from accounts on the "store" or "main site", due to the forums being hosted by a third party).