Friday, December 1, 2017

NWN:EE Head Start Patch Notes v74.8150

As mentioned in today's livestream, Head Start Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition players are about to see an update!

These notes are covered in more detail in the README.txt file found in your game install location \lang\en\docs

NWN:EE Head Start Patch Notes v74.8150

  • Maximum texture memory specified in the .ini file. 
    • This means the 64 meg texture limit is no longer as limiting 
    • The default size will increase in the future, but we maintained it as an ini option for the sake of compatibility
    • Max Texture Memory is now 2047mb

  • Armour parts of complex models to can now carry their own color channel id (#HypnoElf)
  • Hidden helmets & equipment
    • Effectively a "make helmet invisible when worn" scripting function
    • It can be used equally for any slot which has creature mesh visibility when equipped: armor, helm, cloak, left hand, and right hand, etc...
  • Fixed an area transition issue "Doors with no transition but a script attached are not triggerable"
    • This was the issue that was blocking players from playing "Infinite Dungeons", and likely a number of other bug reports we've been receiving about area transitions being broken
  • Improve water shader
    • Part 1 - Expose variables to modders (find the values in the Shaders_README file)
    • Part 2 - Experimental water shaders that
    • - react to daytime (water colour tinting) - have skybox shading - (tilt camera low to see difference). - react to wind strength. - react to rain/snow. - react to wind events (like explosions and characters walking through water)
  • Fixed crash when force-updating appearance for creature with invalid/empty armor slot
  • Fixed a rare crash when logging into a server and somehow getting stripped of items

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  1. so lets join in the fun pre order today? ok did just that now how do i get the game to work or were you guys just trolling me with advertising what gives?

    1. We put together a quick how to get started here:

      If that doesn't works, please contact