Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition Update 1.76

The next stable patch for Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition is live! If you have been following the Development branch announcements, you know what’s coming!

This patch focuses on stabilisation and addresses issues found since the previous update shipped. In particular, the patch includes fixes for the majority of Intel-GPU related crashes.

The full list of changes since v1.75 (Build 8176) is:

Client Changes


  • We added a new experimental full screen shader effect: Sharpen. It’s disabled by default, so you have to go into Options, Advanced Effects to try it out.
  • MacOS now defaults to “Desktop” style fullscreen mode (Borderless Fullscreen). This allows you to switch spaces. To make use of it on existing setups, set FullScreenDesktopMode=1 in nwn.ini.
  • The name generator tables for all races (including custom) are now configurable in racialtypes.2da.
  • We turned Depth Of Field off by default (only for new installs). This will be re-enabled once it works better in conversations.
  • The SSAO FBO has been updated to use 25% fewer GPU cycles.


  • We addressed one of the major crashes people were seeing on Intel GPUs. Matters should now be much improved for some players, however we are continuing to work on Intel-related issues.
  • The high contrast shader has been tweaked so that the fog colour is not impacted anymore.
  • Issues with playing Premium Modules in multiplayer have been addressed.
  • We fixed a resource management issue when entering areas; resulting in crashes on area load screens.
  • Loading save games now works with encrypted premium module saves.
  • We fixed where object visual transforms would not apply immediately when spawning or loading objects into an area.
  • Text bubbles now move alongside any applied visual transforms.
  • Some people were seeing “Could not translate address” when attempting to connect to servers, especially when attempting to connect via icon shortcuts. This has been fixed.
  • Area Transitions clickable state is now sent to clients indiscriminately, which previously resulted in them turning into the wrong colour, hiding them from DMs, and making transitioning harder.
  • We’re making it so that door boxes now again don’t have a highlight when mousing over them. (This was a very sneaky regression introduced by making the script call SetTransitionTarget work).
  • We fixed a crash when area of effect VFXes would attempt to animate in an area that was just unloaded on the client.
  • We fixed a game crash that happened in updating a creature without a valid animation base.
  • The chat window sizes now load properly for all users.
  • We allow server admins to disable relay functionality if they so desire. (nwnplayer.ini: “Network Relays Enabled”)
  • We fixed a game crash while updating the appearance of a creature without a valid body appearance.
  • The game client doesn’t hang or crash anymore when receiving a very large data packet; such as character files, area data, or DM palettes.
  • We fixed the game hanging or lagging when no audio device is available.
  • We fixed a crash when a dedicated server would save a game, where a logged-out player was in Defensive Stance mode.
  • We fixed a crash when exiting from a module with HAKs loaded.
  • The UI scale for Dialogues with scroll bars has been fixed.
  • We excluded localhost ( from ever being relayed in order to fix a confusing error message for users.

Content Creation Changes


  • Script Compiler: We now allow escaping backslashes (“\\”).


  1. I cant log into Arelith after last patch.

  2. Since when was NWN released again? I am shocked. PLEASE tell me what platform(s) this is available on!

    1. Hello, Amy!

      Check out

  3. So there is still no option to brighten the screen?

    1. Hello!

      Vote for this feature request on our Input Trello board if you're interested in seeing it implemented:

  4. Thanks guys I hope that neverwinter nights will remain a viable toolset for adventure creators for all time. I'm glad to see you focus on this version because the steam integration can really become valuable for us players to get into some good multiplayer games down the line when people finally feel that this version has been debugged well past the state of the gog version.

  5. Just bought the game on MacBook (via Steam) and having crashing issues. The game seems pretty unplayable right now.