Thursday, June 7, 2018

Siege of Dragonspear 2.5 Update

The 2.5 update for Siege of Dragonspear is coming to an Android device near you! 

This update focuses on bug fixes and ensuring that player characters can be imported and exported properly for the other Baldur's Gate titles. 

The 2.5 update will first be available on Google Play and will be rolled out to Steam, GoG, Beamdog, App Store, and Mac App store in the weeks ahead. Watch out for future updates on Twitter, Facebook, and in our forum.

Bug Fixes

[Android] Back button should consistently behave as Google expects it to (36232)
[Android] Game should not crash when singing or humming at the menhirs with less than 16 CHR (36716)
[Android] Imoen Assassination Cutscene should focus on Imoen (33639)
[Android] The Color Choice bar should be responsive to dragging motions (33187)
[Android] The onscreen keyboard should close when it is no longer using 'Multiplayer Chat' or 'Journal' (33728)
[Android] [iOS] Modifying character inventory should not erroneously trigger the "wizard spells have been disabled" flag (33417)
[Android] [iOS] The Wraith should be visible to all players when using the team's Mage to dispel the stone's effects in Bridgefort (35117)
[Android][iOS] Characters should not frequently clip through a door when standing between other characters and the door (35327)
[Android] [iOS] UI overlay should not disappear when identifying an item and saving the game simultaneously (34991)
[iOS] SoD should be able to import BG:EE saves (35915)
[Multiplayer] Permissions should work correctly for the 'Character Arbitration' menu (33895)
Opening container in inventory should not cause game to crash (35868)
Importing a Cleric/Fallen Ranger should not mislabel them as Fallen Cleric/Fallen Ranger (37162)
Multi-class characters should not use the bio of their first-listed class. (36286)
Spell Immunity should show schools when used in a Contingency (36129)
6th party member should not get stuck when leaving Bridgefort (35867)
Enemy AI shouldn't cast spells when panicked (35430)
Character wearing Dragonscale Armor should not get killed by Cloudkill (35091)
You should not be able to leave the Dual Class proficiency screen until proficiency points are all spent (33766)
Listed area of effect for items and spells should be correct (31851)
M'Khiin should not repeat her dialogue about hidden goblin treasure if spoken to again (36009)
Elven Chain Mail should have the correct unidentified name (35784)
Throwing Axe +1 should have portrait icon when used in combat (35743)
Legacy of Bhaal mode should not result in more than one interrupt per rest (35670)

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