Thursday, January 17, 2019

Beamdog Livestreams Update

In November, 2017 we started a series of weekly livestreams. It’s been a great pleasure to talk to all of you on a weekly basis, to answer community questions, and to share developer insights! We have the best fans we could dream of!

We’ve made the decision to end the weekly Beamdog livestreams for the time being to focus our efforts on new and existing projects, and to ensure we craft compelling game experiences that delight our fans, wherever they choose to play. We will still host livestreams for special events and announcements, however.

Our aim is to continue developing direct communication between Beamdog and our followers, to keep the community informed on studio news, sales, updates, and upcoming events.

Find us on Twitter, Facebook, and the Beamdog forum, where we will be glad to reply to any question you have.