Tuesday, October 3, 2017

September Roundup - Patches, Conventions, & More!

September, we hardly knew ye.  

2.4 Available on iOS!

Forget the fall pumpkin spice announcements, all of the Enhanced Editions on iOS are now 64-bit supported! If you’ve been holding off on getting iOS 11, now’s the time to get it!

Get the full list of Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition patch notes here!

Get the full list of Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition patch notes here!

Get the full list of Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition patch notes here!

Chris Joins the Party

Another new face has joined the Beamdog team! Early last month we welcomed Chris as a producer/designer working on an unannounced project. Chris started his career in England during the Dreamcast days. Since then he's worked on nearly all modern gaming devices in a multitude of roles. He loves narrative RPGs, music with beeps in, and virtual reality. Welcome to the team, Chris!

The Edmonton Expo

Edmonton Expo was a great show and we’ll be back again next year! We met an amazing number of Beamdog fans and introduced the Enhanced Editions to a whole host of people who fondly remember the originals. We even had a bunch of the original Baldur’s Gate and Baldur’s Gate II team members (the ones we don’t already have working at Beamdog anyway) drop by the booth to share stories about the development of those games. Some of our newer team members banded together for a panel to do a great talk about their experiences in the industry and how they got their job with Beamdog. For those of you asking when we’ll be coming to a convention near you, plans are already in the works to take the Beamdog booth on the road in 2018!

What’s Next?

As mentioned in our 2.4 patch notes for Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition, we’ll be continuing to update and support our Infinity Engine games.. The next update series, which we’re calling 2.5, will be rolling out across all platforms and all stores on both desktop and mobile. We’re especially excited about this update as we’ll finally be bringing Steam achievements and the Shaman class, among other things, to IWD:EE. Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition 2.5 and Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition 2.5 will be coming shortly after IWD:EE 2.5. We’ll have more to share about this patch and plans for an accompanying open beta soon!

Don’t worry PST:EE fans! We haven’t forgotten about Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition, the other Enhanced Editions need a little work before we return to Sigil.

As we ramp up on the next series of patches, we’re improving how bugs are being reported. We’ve posted instructions on bug reporting on and frequent forum users may have noticed that our Community Manager, Julius has been helping players report bugs in redmine. If you’re ever having trouble filing a bug, just drop him a note and he’ll create a report for you.

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  1. Is Siege of Dragonspear coming to Android after the 2.5 update?

  2. Any word on SOD coming to tablets?

  3. These games give too many experience points. Some gamers lose the motivation to continue playing subquests once they reach the maximum level. Please provide a way to reduce the experience points earned. I use the EE Keeper to reduce the experience points earned to 10% and it makes me really enjoyed and motivated to play all the subquests.

    1. Strongly agreed. I also use EE Keeper to reduce the experience gained by 90% for more challenge.

    2. Why not pump up the difficulty level instead?

  4. Doesthis bodes well for Android? That 2.5 BG EE sounds pretty nice. I love what you've done with the game and play it regularly. Any word on Android patches? Maybe getting cross platform back?

    1. No timelines as of yet, but an android update is something we're working towards. :)

  5. Love and appreciate the work you guys do! Keep it up!

    Any chance there could ever be a refactor if the underlying systems to 3.5 - or anything free of THAC0?

  6. Love and appreciate what you guys do! Keep up the good work!

  7. I love BG2, still got my BG2 Box which i bought many many years ago :D
    i never play BG2EE but i hope you guys nerf traps and backstabs, using this was like playing on cheats :D
    btw. i will wait for some nice promotion for EE versions and gonna try it :P

  8. So .... "Go buy an ipad, stupid android player?" I notice you said nothing yet again about android users, and still. We've got no word.

    The pc versions receive regular love. iOS gets updates when apple forces you to update finally, and android? 2015 and "soon." there isn't even an android tag on this post because why bother. We don't exist.

    Forgive me for being a bit apathetic, but 2018 starts in a few months and I've been watching the cool new features for the pc versions and waiting for SOD not for months but for YEARS at this point. It's hard to get excited about your products or even want to buy any new products you release when I KNOW you have a history of abandoning us.

    1. You may have missed this line in the What's Next section. :) -->"The next update series, which we’re calling 2.5, will be rolling out across all platforms and all stores on both desktop and mobile."

  9. I hope you guys will fix the resolution on the game for the Galaxy 8 and 8+. Right now there's 2 black bars on each side en the game in the middle. Makes it way to tiny to play when your loosing half of the total screen.