Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition iOS Patch 2.4

Patch 2.4 for BGII:EE on iOS is here!

Patch 2.4 for Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition on iOS is now available! With this update, BGII:EE joins the ranks of 64 bit supported apps on the App Store. If you don't see this update immediately, please be patient as it makes its way to each regional App Store.

The iOS patch for Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition will be coming very soon! Now it’s time to move onto Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition! After IWD:EE, we’ll be turning our attention to patches for Enhanced Edition products on Steam, Mac App store, Google Play, and elsewhere. Watch for more news on future updates here on the Beamblog and on our Facebook & Twitter channels.

UPDATE: Find the full list of patch notes here!

Platform fixes
Added 64 bit support in preparation for iOS 11
Added ipv6 support


New character class: Shaman!
Italian localization!
Quest and conversation fixes!
And more!

Gameplay & bug fixes
Tapping for tooltip display is more consistent
New graphic options introduced
Party members should not automatically attack each other Items such as containers should not be shown on the map screen
Archer kit description lists the correct armor restriction Amulet of Seldarine description states correct weight Delver's Plate +2 description includes the saving throw bonus vs. Spell Wand of Cloudkill description states the correct saving throw type and penalty The Firecam armour has a proper description
And more!


Fixed iPad Mini crashes occurring after lengthy game sessions
Off-hand THAC0 now displays proper values when using a ranged weapon Game now scales properly to the screen on iPhone devices
Tapping on the multiplayer chat no longer creates a waypoint for the controlled character
And more!


  1. I am beyond happy to see this! I cut short a BG EE campaign and jumped into BG2 to try to finish before I lost it to iOS 11. Thanks for taking the pressure off!

  2. Contentment. Having the latest slickest versions on mobile is beautiful. No longer a less popular sibling to its pc counterpart, I can have the finest and deepest adventures on busses and toilets

  3. promised Russian localization! and where is she?

  4. promised Russian localization! and where is she?

  5. promised Russian localization! and where is she?

  6. Thanks a lot for this update ! Any chance of having French subtitles for BG2 EE ? And how about some updates on SoD coming to iOS ? I've been holding playing BG2 for months now, waiting to import my character in SoD...

    Cheers !