Monday, August 14, 2017

New Portrait Pack: Faces of Good and Evil

A brand new Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition portrait pack by acclaimed artist, Kieran Yanner is now available on Steam for $1.99 USD.

The Faces of Good and Evil portrait pack includes six brand new character portraits (three male, three female) for you to create charismatic heroes and dastardly rogues and adventure through the Sword Coast.

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  1. Any chance this DLC will come to the Beamdog store and/or GOG?

  2. Will this dlc ever come out in gog?

  3. DLC of well done voice packs would be preferable :P

  4. Back in the day...

    I remember the origin PC version had directories for portraits and voices. You could download (and resize to the required sizes, incl. thumbnail) any old image and use it.

    Others recorded their own voice packs.

    Park of why BG/ToSC/SoA/ToB/etc were so popular was the ability to do these hacks (in addition to what you could do with the "keeper" apps). User community fixes were key when official support waned. It ran on Linux with just a bit of setup, so I think it reflects an overall well written code base and intent of the developers to make it expandable & hackable.

    I don't recall, however, if BG/SoA came with tooling to build you own adventures, or if that was the subsequent Neverwinter Nights.

    1. You can still use any image you like. Click "Custom" when you create a character and it will tell you how. Also - I think there is a way to do your own soundsets, too - check the forums. :)