Thursday, July 6, 2017

Real Talk - Icewind Dale II, Enhanced Edition Patch Progress, and a Beamdog Client Update

Icewind Dale II

In the last few weeks, Enhanced Edition fans who follow Trent on Twitter may have noticed few tweets like these:

At this time, the source code for Icewind Dale II can not be found. We’ve reached out to former developers and publishers with no luck. No one seems to know where it’s got to. Consider this our open call to fans for the code, patched or otherwise.

We’d love to complete the Infinity Engine series and bring you all the game you’ve been asking for, but to make Icewind Dale II: Enhanced Edition a possibility, having that source code, preferably patched, is needed before we can even start assessing whether the project is doable.

UPDATE: If you personally have a copy of the code, we'd love to get in touch. Please do not contact former developers and other IWD2 team members on our behalf.

Enhanced Edition Patches

As mentioned in previous posts, the team is hard at work on iOS 64 bit patches to ensure Enhanced Edition players will be able to continue enjoying their games after iOS 11 is released. These patches will be released game-by-game in the months ahead, starting with Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition and will include a few bug fixes, but the focus will be on 64 bit compatibility.

The real fun begins once the 64 bit iOS patch series is complete. Planning has only just started on the patches for the Enhanced Edition titles beyond what we’re currently working on so committing to specific release dates, bug fixes, and features at this point is difficult. What we can say right now is that the next update series for BG:EE, BGII:EE, and IWD:EE will include the following:

  • Bug fixes and lots of them
  • A selection of community-requested features
  • 64 bit compatibility on all platforms
  • Restored multiplayer compatibility on all platforms
  • All stores updated to the latest version (Yes, even the Mac App store)
  • Completed localizations
  • And more!

Our attention is currently on BG:EE, BGII:EE, and IWD:EE, but we haven’t forgotten about Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition. As soon as we have more about updates on that front, we’ll be sure to share it!

Beamdog Client Update

A small patch for the Beamdog Client will be released today with the following updates:
  • Fixes for a few reported user issues 
  • Spanish and Italian localization for the Client
  • An updated version of the Beamdog logo



  1. Hey, (Lawful) good work. Can i make a request for cloud saves in IWD:EE. I travel alot, and there's nothing worse than finding i didn't copy my save from pc to laptop or vice versa. Help a single player Avenger out!

  2. What about BG:SoD on iOS? Did you solve the problem with application size limit?

  3. I would love if IWD2EE gave me the option to not kill Isair and Madae :-/ I love those two and their whole crusade started because of the Ten Towns being idiots in the first place >:(

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Excellent. But, it would be amazing to finally play czech version of Planesape Torment:EE with proper VO. Especially now, when the translation is complete, so it should be official.

  6. How about Neverwinter Nights EE?

  7. So I have a copy of IWD2 on PC-DVD is that something that a source code could be extracted from?

    1. Afraid not. Thanks for the offer though!