Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Update 2.2 is here!

Update 2.2 for Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition, Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition, and Baldur’s Gate: Siege of Dragonspear is now available. This update includes over a hundred fixes as well as new options and updates! View the complete release notes here.

Some of the highlights of 2.2 include
  • Improved multiplayer stability.
  • New Option: Nearest Neighbor Scaling. A number of players asked for an option to switch the scaling back to “Nearest Neighbor”, so we’ve added this option to the Options > Graphics screen.
  • New Option: Allow Scrolling Out of Bounds. Scrolling the viewing area past the edge of the map is now disabled by default. If you want to re-enable it you can turn this option on in Options > Graphics.
  • UI Update: Character Record AC Display. The AC heading is now organized more intuitively, and summarizes your character’s current AC modifiers at the top as well as the end of the section.
  • Item Description Icons Fixed. In the 2.0 update, the description icons for some items in BG:EE became corrupted. We spent a few days fixing the graphics so they’ll display correctly now.
  • Steam Achievements: Localization Update. Our awesome volunteers have translated the Steam achievements for BGII:EE in French and Polish, and for BG:EE in French, Polish, and Italian.
  • Shadows of Amn to Throne of Bhaal Loot Transition. When characters die in the final encounter in the Shadows of Amn campaign, their gear will now transfer correctly to the Throne of Bhaal expansion instead of disappearing completely from the Realms.
  • French Localization: Voice Overs in BG:EE. The original French voice overs have been added to BG:EE; just set the language to French and the game sounds will change to French. (Only original content will be voiced; Enhanced Edition content will remain unvoiced.)
  • Polish Localization: Voice Overs in BG:EE (Update). The Polish translation features voice overs for original game content in BG:EE, but there was an issue with the voice overs being incomplete. We’ve remedied that issue, so the voice overs should now play everywhere that they’re supposed to.
We’re going to keep supporting our games with future updates which you can read about here, on our forums, or via Familiar updates as they become available.


  1. I was going to buy this game from the Mac App store but the version listed there is 1.3. When this update comes to the Mac App store I will pick it up. Loved BG1: EE there.

  2. I have issue with graphics now. My game is now unplayable, everything is blurred :/ settings in graphics don't have any effect.