Tuesday, June 9, 2015

What A Character! Winners

We had a tremendous response to our What A Character! contest. Over one hundred people replied, making this our most popular contest yet. The range of answers, were, predictably, varied, but we did spot a few trends. Here are some of the replies we received (with Irenicus being the most popular).

Congratulations to Grant, winner of The Legend of Drizzt 25th Anniversary Edition, Book I! Their favorite character was Irenicus, coincidentally our most popular answer. Our runners up,Vincent (who voted for Lucy the Wyvern) and tsundere1ftw (who voted for Phaere), will receive Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition t-shirts.

Twitch Recap: Orc Hordes of the King's Forest

Last week saw the dramatic conclusion to our office Dungeons & Dragons game, “Orc Hordes of the King's Forest.” The players tracked the orcish villain, Urmgech, to a plateau overlooking the Dragonmere. There, Urmgech's followers conducted a ritual so that their foul god, Yurtrus, would intensify the virulence of a diseased dragon corpse. Their plan was to push the dragon corpse into the lake and spread pestilence throughout Cormyr.

What our heroes didn't know was that the ritual also transformed Urmgech into an avatar of disease. As the party approached the dragon corpse, Urmgech burst forth in the form of a hideous vrock. The party rallied to defeat the demon and return peace to the region. A complete recap of the game can be found on our forums.

We live stream our games every second Friday, 3 pm mountain time, on the Beamdog Twitch stream. With the conclusion of Orc Hordes of the King's Forest, we'll be starting a new campaign in the office and viewers can watch from the first session of the new campaign. Check the blog next week for details on the new campaign, players, and characters!

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