Thursday, January 26, 2017

Beamdog at Global Game Jam 2017

Give the team a hand!

What do game developers do with their free time? Make more games!

Ten people from the office, nearly half the team at Beamdog HQ, participated in Global Game Jam 2017. The event, running from the evening of January 20th through to the end of the 22nd, had over 36,000 participants in 702 sites across 95 countries. All these teams created more 7,000 games! We’re proud to have had Beamdog represent!

Look at that face! LOOK AT IT!

This year’s theme, "Waves," was interpreted in hundreds of different ways. Here are two completely new, utterly bizarre games we're excited to share with you. For the full effect, make sure to have sound turned on for both titles.

Because You’re A Water Wizard
A bull in a china shop has nothing on a wizard. Use water powers to knock items to the floor while running from an angry security bot. Scatter 100 items across the floor to win!

Get it here.

The Queen’s Wave
All the citizenry has come out to witness the majestic parade of Her Royal Majesty. Wave to gain the approval of your subjects and, most importantly, corgis. Snub someone and they’ll voice their ire.

Get it here.

Not pictured: 100 more coffee cups.

According to Alexei, the mastermind behind Beamdog’s game jam participation, time was the most difficult factor. “Getting from an idea to a working game in just two days is tough. It's also difficult to stay in scope, you get excited about an idea and think of great features but you have to be realistic and cut it down to the core gameplay.”

In Water Wizard, the team wanted to have fires that could put out and the ability to knock down the security guard with water, but both had to be cut. In The Queen's Wave they ended up removing a 'super saiyan' Queen mode where “if you played perfectly it would go technicolor,” but even though voice lines were done, the feature had to be cut for time.

For most participating, this was an exciting chance to try out new roles and tools. Devs more comfortable with coding took on the GGJ challenge in the Unreal Engine. QA team members scaled new mountains as level designers. And the Beamdog office manager absolutely rocked as an audio designer and voice actor. Yes, just about EVERYTHING you hear in those games came from one person. 

The team practicing a proper "Queen's wave."

Congratulations to everyone who participated for making two fun games in such a short amount of time!

If you’d like to learn more about Global Game Jam and try more games made by small teams around the world, visit the official website,

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