Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Contest Winners Announced

The results of the Happy Faerûn Day contest are in! Over 35 people entered the contest, each one telling us their favorite area in any of the Enhanced Edition games. Some went above and beyond the contest rules, writing paragraphs or even short essays on their favorite area and why it stayed with them. It was so much fun to read all the comments about our players' favorite areas. We're glad we can help keep them alive for you.

Congratulations to Gerelos, winner of the hardcover copy of Ed Greenwood Presents Elminster's Forgotten Realms! His favorite area, Kuldahar, was the most popular answer we received. Our runners up, MorphGroups (De'Arnise Keep) and Procco (Spellhold exterior) will receive Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition t-shirts.

Favorite Area Breakdown

You might be curious about the breakdown of replies we received. We were curious too—curious enough to make a pie chart!

That business degree is really paying off.

The most popular area among our contest entrants was Kuldahar, with 5 votes out of 39 replies. Beregost and Durlag's Tower tied for second place with 4 votes each.

Town and city locations made up 44% of replies. Dungeon areas made up 26% of replies and wilderness areas the other 30%. Some of the replies we got were:

Adoy's Enclave; Aquarium of Alkonos; Athkatla (Graveyard and Bridge districts); Baldur's Gate (of course); Candlekeep (including dungeon); Coast Way; Cloud Peaks; Dragon's Eye; Easthaven (top floor of the Temple of Tempus); Fire Leaf Forest; Lion's Way; Planar Sphere; Severed Hand; Underdark; Vale of Shadows; Valley of the Tombs; Wild Mage Refuge; and Wyvern Cave.

As you can see, a great deal of variety and a lot of love. Thanks to everyone who entered!

Kuldahar, we think you're swell.

Twitch Recap
Last Friday we successfully broadcast a live stream of our office D&D game. The party had to choose between assisting a priestess of Talona in stopping a plot to poison the Dragonmere and traveling with a priest of Ilmater to cure everyone plagued by the disease spreading over Cormyr. Having developed a working relationship with the priestess and not convinced the priest's plan would work, the heroes chose the former. Look for a recap on our forums.

We think we have this live stream technology business nailed, and so we plan to stream our game most Fridays at 2 pm (mountain time) from now on. The forum thread will contain alerts for upcoming streams, and we'll tweet and post when we have upcoming streams as well. Tune in on our Twitch channel to watch the hilarious hijinks and monster-smiting ensue! And of course check back on the Beamblog weekly for game updates and other news from Beamdog.

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